The domino theory gained recognition in 1950, where it was expected that if one country came under the communist influence, other surrounding countries would follow suite. This theory came to pass during the Second World War, where the USA dropped two atomic bombs on Japans Capitals, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was considered the most ruthless attack on any country as the nuclear attack effects are still felt to date. (Toropov, 2000)The subject of using these atoms faces scrutiny to date as there are no legitimate reasons that resulted in the utilization of the weapons. People like Philbrick Herbert wrote about the shortcomings, misdeeds and violation of the USA laws on other communists.

The bomb was dropped after USA noticed that it was losing it a war to Japan as they had become adamant is submitting defeat to the USA. (Ninkovich, 1994)The successful launch of the atoms gave the USA a monopoly over Soviet states as they were considered the world’s superpower under President Truman’s reign. This decision came up on August 10th during the Potsdam Conference.  After bombing Japan, other communist states felt the urge to protect themselves from future atomic attacks thus led to a revolution in the Soviet Union who developed their nuclear weapons thus resulted in the Cold War. The communist further founded the Democratic Republic of Vietnam which led to a lot of instability in the world due to the fear of the Vietnam’s revolting against other communists.

There was a war during this time in Asia, due to the formation of Vietnam, (Toropov, 2000) causing a lot of political instability in Asia, loss of life. The president at the time in the USA, Kennedy supported the domino effect to prevent further outcry of the communist at that period and led America to join the war to fight Vietnam but was unsuccessful.During this period, a lot of countries decided to invest in ammunition so as to be well prepared in case another fight broke up.  States globally developed high-tech weapons in the event of war developing, and countries in the East have been left behind in investing in this ammunition, war is now present in some states especially in Iraq and Syria due to this machinery and hope they will end soon.