Samples of various essays for college / university students

What Are Some of the Problems of Tourism?

Introduction Few individuals would scrutinize that tourism can be exceedingly an unstable industry. This paper will explore the problems facing the tourism industry. Safety is one of the problems confronting the tourism business (Spenceley, 2008). The present populace is maturing maybe like no other in the past. As the time of increased birth rates era […]

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To what extent has the traditional male role changed in the last 20 years?

The world will constantly experience change. From technological, sociological and philosophical world to mention but three, a change in events over the past 20 years can easily be traced. So to say, human beings are not an exceptional here. As major factors that propel change such as urbanization, technological advancements, globalization and population take control […]

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The Physics Of Swimming

Introduction Swimming is one of the prominent fun activities that takes place at the pool or beach. Over the past decades, swimming has gained popularity as one of the Olympic sports games. I this context, swimming has contributed towards the economic wellbeing of the participants thus raising their living standards. Notably, this activity is characterized […]

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Universities Should Function As Training Grounds

Universities are institutions of higher education and research that grant degrees to students that serve as a symbol of the power to read and work (Goldstein, 2010). Local and multinational companies are always in search of qualified individuals to join their workforce. Education and skills are the essentials sought after by employers in their quest […]

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The Impact of Media on Society

The media can either have a positive or negative impact on the society. Social media is known to have a great impact on different aspects including the culture, business, politics and the world as a whole. The mode of socialization and communication has changed a lot with the introduction of the social media platforms. Media […]

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Atomic bomb and the domino theory

The domino theory gained recognition in 1950, where it was expected that if one country came under the communist influence, other surrounding countries would follow suite. This theory came to pass during the Second World War, where the USA dropped two atomic bombs on Japans Capitals, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was considered the most ruthless […]

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Dangers of Overusing Computers for Communication

Today, everyone appreciates the use of technology and computers are one of the greatest tools for communication in the modern world. The world has even become smaller as people can interact across the globe without having to travel to meet one another. The computers often allow for communication via email, websites, and social media such […]

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Should Wealthy Nations Be Required To Share Their Wealth Among Poorer Nations?

It is apparent that the world is split between nations based on their resources, intellectual and technological capacity. Terms like developed, developing and underdeveloped nations have been used to draw the line between the haves and have-nots. It goes without saying that whichever nation has the superior wealth yields the greatest power and vice versa. […]

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