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The right way to write a research proposal

The research proposal is one of the papers that will help you graduate. This work is like a contract between you, as a researcher, and a committee, as an assessment team. The proposal presents the idea, your working strategy, and the results you aim to obtain while conducting research. Analyzing your proposal the committee looks not only at the relevance of idea but also on the way your methodology will work and if it leads to the results you have indicated. The proposal will prepare you to the research. You will see how much knowledge you actually have on the subject and what gaps you have to fill in to make the project professional. If the committee approves your plan, you can start working on the project confidently as it has been reviewed by an expert team.

The proposal introduces your idea to the world and explains its importance in the chosen context. Also, it shows what you will do to get the results you want, and the way you have chosen to do it. A decent proposal is the one you can easily confuse with the dissertation, as it has clear explanations, aims, and strategies. Therefore, if you prepare a nice research proposal, you will spend half the time on the thesis itself.

Your first goal is to get an excellent idea. You can find one by familiarizing yourself with the topic more. Figure out what your area of interest is, and read as many sources as you can find on it to get a better understanding of what you really want to write about. Find people who are as interested in the topic as you are and talk to them about it.

It can be a person on the forum, a professor, or even one of your fellow friends. Such person can be of a lot of help to you, and you can be useful too if you try.

The research proposal will let you understand how big the project will be. Do not aim at more than 10-12 pages. If you think that is not enough as you have a lot to say, it means your topic is too broad, and you have to narrow it down until it fits the limit.

Read as much as you can and talk to your supervisor when possible. If your professor is too busy with own work, find an expert on the side and discuss some questions with him/her/

If you feel the urge to write, do not hesitate and start. You may start with the complete nonsense, but eventually, your thought flow will get you where you need to be. You will most likely have to delete huge paragraphs of text, which is fine, and you should not hesitate to do it.

Think of the way to systemize the notes you have on the topic. You can use cards or multiple notebooks with notes, mark chapters with different colors, and stick some of the cards around the house to memorize things better.

Use professional databases to access the sources if you want to gather credible info for your research proposal. Visit library regularly and use the help of the librarian to find the books you need.

Also, remember that this is not the project of your life. You complete this one, get another one, and just constantly move on. There is no need to lose the sleep over the research proposal or worry too much, as there are numerous people around who are ready to help you.

Do your best, cope with the task professionally, get a degree, and keep improving as you study.