Where can I find gyros in Skyrim?

Dwemer gyros can usually be found in Dwemer Ruins, and cannot be smelted into Dwarven Metal Ingots. In the Dawnguard add-on, one of the quests for the Dawnguard (A New Order) requires that the Dragonborn retrieve a Dwemer gyro for Sorine Jurard to be recruited.

Are Sorines quests infinite?

When asked for a quest, she will tell the Dragonborn to talk to Gunmar but her miscellaneous quest will permanently remain in the quest log unless the last save has been reloaded.

How do you persuade Sorine Jurard?

Sorine can be found south of Darkfall Cave. She can be persuaded to immediately go to Fort Dawnguard. If you fail the Speech check, you’ll need to fetch her satchel containing Dwemer Gyros by the riverbank first. Return to Fort Dawnguard, and Prophet soon begins thereafter.

How do you recruit Gunmar?

Isran asks the Dragonborn to find and recruit Gunmar into the Dawnguard….Gunmar can be found hunting outside at the following radiant locations:

  1. Fallowstone Cave.
  2. Brood Cavern.
  3. Crystaldrift Cave.
  4. Bonechill Passage.
  5. Clearspring Tarn.
  6. Northshore Landing.
  7. Cronvangr Cave.

Where is the satchel full of gyros?

Recruit Sorine Jurard Sorine’s Satchel containing seven Dwemer gyros can be found on the river bank nearby, about three paces south east towards the river near a tree rooted in the rock.

Does isran sleep?

He’ll then, starting at 10am, thoroughly patrol the inside of the fort, both upstairs and downstairs, for eight hours straight. Then at 6pm, he’ll once again head upstairs and stand around for four hours. He finally heads to his bed upstairs at 10pm and goes to sleep.

How do I get florentius Baenius?

After you join the Dawnguard and learn that you can find the Moth Priest at Forebears’ Holdout during Prophet, Sorine Jurard will request that you speak with Isran about recruiting Florentius. Isran will eventually agree, and inform you that Florentius can be found in Ruunvald, beginning the quest Bolstering the Ranks.

How do you get isran to stop attacking me?

Isran keeps trying to kill me

  1. Usually the best solution for these problems is to load a saved game before it happened. – NovaSword.
  2. I don’t even make it to Dawnguard and people are trying to kill me.
  3. It happens in the base version of the game, everytime you attack a friendly NPC.

How do I get Falion to cure my vampirism?

Simply talk to Falion at the mound at dawn (around 5:00 am works), say “Let’s get this over with” and he will perform a ritual to cure you of your vampirism. It’s over with.