What Is The Difference Between “Hemp” And “Cannabis” Oil?

Even though several states are debating about legalizing marijuana for various medical usage 33 states in the US and D.C. has already implemented frameworks allowing the legal purchase of medical marijuana. Out of these 33 states, only 10 states and D.C. have permitted marijuana for recreational usage.

Due to all such restrictions, CBD vape oil is becoming the latest trend to dominate the market of cannabis over the past eighteen months. CBD oil is an umbrella term because there are plethoras of CBD products available, which are derived from cannabis oil or hemp-oil.

Though both CBD hemp oil and CBD cannabis oil are individually good and useful to treat number of medical ailments, they are however different from each other.

Cannabis oil versus hemp oil

This can be a good idea to state what the “pure” CBD oil really is. Pure CBD oil is made from any Cannabis variety (marijuana or hemp), where the CBD can be extracted from leaves, flowers and stalks, leaving vape liquid with high-potent CBD levels of 99%.

More simply speaking, while talking about CBD juices, e-Liquids and vape oils, all the products can basically come under one of following two categories:

  • Full-spectrum CBD oils or extracted from stalks, leaves, and flowers
  • CBD isolate oils or pure oil

Full-spectrum vape oils may further be broken down into 2 major types:

  • Hemp CBD oils.
  • Cannabis CBD oils

Cannabis CBD oil

The Cannabis extracted CBD oils can typically be found only in marijuana dispensaries, as most of them will contain high THC levels. There are many strains of cannabis which have been bred for containing plenty of CBD and nearly no THC, and all these strains can be used for producing very top-quality CBD vape-oils.

Few of such “CBD-only” cannabis strains will include AC/DC, Charlotte’s Web and Harlequin. Again, all these are available only at licensed dispensaries of the states where medical marijuana or recreational use is allowed.

In either way, in case you are planning to use CBD oil having higher THC levels, it is essential to understand the law of your state as some states will specify that this CBD oil can be used for treating only specific medical conditions, e.g. epilepsy.

Besides, in case if you are a card holder of medical marijuana use then you will be able to get legal access of CBD products having different CBD-to-THC ratios.

However, those who live in those restricted states can only get CBD hemp oil.

Hemp CBD oil

CBD hemp oil gets extracted from leaves and flowers of hemp plant through CO2 extraction process. Most of the hemps are grown for their nutritious seeds, CBD rich flowers and tough fibers so called industrial hemp.

Industrial hemp produces low THC level, so the vaping juices derived from hemp is less effective than CBD cannabis oil. CBD oils derived from hemp can be legally bought in all the states of US without any prescription.

Full spectrum CBD cannabis oil is very potent than CBD hemp oil!