KreditBee Referral Program

What is Kreditbee

KreditBee Referral Program

KreditBee is an Instant Personal Loan Platform for Young Professionals, where they can apply for Salary Advance up to ₹ one lakh as per their necessity. The documentation is very minimal, and the complete process was starting from registration to disbursement does not take more than 15 minutes. The application process is entirely online, and on approval, the cash is quickly shifted to the bank account of the user.

Financial emergencies will come back anytime and if you don’t have enough funds then no got to justify what quantity frustration one gets. Borrowing funds from friends or breaking your fastened deposits are often a prolonged method however nowadays we tend to are reaching to mention Kreditbee victimization that you’ll receive cash in your bank in precise quarter-hour.

Just transfer Kreditbee app from play store, signup victimization Facebook, move your pan and Aadhaar card, and you’re able to go. Once approval from their aspect, you’ll request a loan which can be transferred to your checking account in no time. Eligibility of this app is that any Indian individual above the age of 18 years, who is salaried or self-employed and has a monthly source of income can avail credit.

The Personal Loan processed by a Bank sometimes takes from four to seven days together with plenty of documentation and frequent visits to the branch workplace. However, the KreditBee pay Advance Loan method is entirely online and takes hardly 10 to 15 minutes to be processed betting on your eligibility. The transfer is finished as money to your checking account, which may be used anyplace by you as per your convenience.

How to forward process

KreditBee Referral Program

  • Install the KreditBee application from the Play Store or App Store by clicking ‘Install’ on top.
  • Register yourself through your Facebook profile.
  • Fill in your necessary details to ascertain your eligibility for availing wage Advance Loan from KreditBee. This method hardly takes 2-3 minutes. Sometimes, this would possibly take up to twenty-four hours just in case there’s some manual ensure is needed. In such cases, you shall receive a decision from KreditBee inside one operating day of application.
  • Once eligible, transfer your KYC documents (Aadhaar and PAN) and fill during a few additional details regarding yourself. Once done, the profile is auto-verified betting on the holiness and quality of the documents uploaded.
  • Avail loan within the type of wage Advance from KreditBee. You’ll directly avail the money into your checking account inside quarter-hour.


  1. It can be to gift your love, or a case of medical emergency for anyone in your family, or a reduction sale occurring that you don’t wish to miss out on. Things and opportunities don’t go along with notification. Thus KreditBee stands with you in those times for you to try and do the necessary.
  2. Availing a private Loan from KreditBee and repaying on time often can improve your Credit Score. This can assist you to avail more massive loans from banks (home loan, car loans, education loans etc.) at a far higher rate.KreditBee Referral Program
  3. Your knowledge is safe with the North American nation. It’s transferred over a secure HTTPS affiliation to North American society, and that we don’t share it with anyone while not your consent except the Lenders. Also, all the transactions square measure secured via a 128-bit SSL coding.