What is the BC button on a Mini Cooper?

BC stands for board computer. I guess as is ‘onboard computer’. Germans love efficiency. From the service manual or resetting the service light. “Pressing the BC (board computer) button repeatedly on the end of the turn signal stalk will allow the display to scroll through all of the condition based service items.”

How do you reset the radio on a Mini Cooper?

Registered. To reboot the Idrive system hold down the power button for about 20 seconds or at least until the screen goes black and then it should reboot.

How do I turn off the radio in my mini?

Registered. Simply press down on the volume button and it turns off.

Does a Mini Cooper have a radio?

To further enhance the driving experience in your Mini Cooper S, you will want to learn how to use the many accessories that are included with your car. The radio functions were completely updated in the 2007 model year (the R-56 model), and the radio is fairly simple to use after learning how the interface works.

What does BC mean on indicators?

It stands for “Board Computer” as in On-Board Computer.

What does BC mean on BMW steering?

You get a menu on the main screen, you can select what you want to see when using the Board Computer button on the steering to view items on the dashboard.

Why is my Mini Cooper radio not working?

If your stereo does not turn on at all, it could be because of a blown fuse. Check the stereo fuses in the fuse box under the driver’s side dash. Check the radio fuses in the interior fuse box. In some models there is another fuse located on the back of the stereo head unit.

Where is the radio on a Mini Cooper?

Turn on the radio by briefly pressing the lower control knob, located under the CD player slot. This knob also controls the volume.

How does the radio work on a Mini Cooper?

Press the toggle button more than once to reveal more choices for saved locations. If your Mini is equipped with radio controls on the steering wheel, the “+” and “-” buttons control the volume while the right and left arrow buttons let you scroll through saved radio stations.

Is there a hidden button on a Mini Cooper?

A gentle tap releases the door and allows it to open but there is no button visible, making it a perfect little hideaway. This hiding spot is just big enough for a small wallet, and with its discreet appearance, it’s a safe little cubby most people don’t know exists.

Where are the fuses on a Mini Cooper stereo?

Check the radio fuses in the interior fuse box. In some models there is another fuse located on the back of the stereo head unit. To remove the stereo, you’ll need to first remove the screws under the center console. Pull up the cup holders and remove the screws at the bottom of each cup holder.

How can I Turn on my Mini Cooper without a key?

There is one simple and easy to master trick that can turn your car on without the key. If you remove the key, effectively turning the car off, and press the start button again within 10 seconds, the car will turn back on.