What happened to Bernard Edwards from Chic?

Musician Bernard Edwards, a founding member of the early disco group Chic and a producer for such artists as Diana Ross and Rod Stewart, has died, his publicist said Friday. He was 43. Edwards died Thursday morning in Japan, where he had performed at the “Tokyo Super Producers Concert” the night before.

Is Bernard Edwards still alive?

Deceased (1952–1996)
Bernard Edwards/Living or Deceased

How old is Bernard Edwards?

43 years (1952–1996)
Bernard Edwards/Age at death
Bernard Edwards, the pop producer and member of one of disco’s most popular bands, Chic, died on Friday in Tokyo. He was 43 years old and lived in Connecticut.

Where is Bernard Edwards buried?

Bernard Edwards

Birth 31 Oct 1952 Greenville, Pitt County, North Carolina, USA
Death 18 Apr 1996 (aged 43) Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolis, Japan
Burial Fairfield Memorial Park Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut, USA Show Map
Plot Sanctuary Knoll, Plot: 219, Grave 3
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Who wrote the song I’m coming out?

Bernard Edwards
Nile RodgersAudrey MotaungSteven Töteberg
I’m Coming Out / Upside Down/Composers

Who is the guitarist in chic?

Nile Rodgers
Nile Rodgers is a record producer, songwriter, musician, composer, arranger, and guitarist. As the co-founder of CHIC, he has written, produced, and performed on records that have cumulatively sold more than 500 million albums and 75 million singles worldwide.

What year did I want your love by chic come out?

I Want Your Love/Released

Who founded the band Chic?

Bernard Edwards, record producer, composer and bassist who organized the popular disco band Chic, has died in Tokyo at age 43. Edwards, who was in Japan to perform at the Tokyo Super Producers Concert, was found dead in his hotel room Thursday by his collaborator, Nile Rodgers.

Who plays bass for Chic?

Bernard Edwards

Bernard Edwards
Instruments Bass guitar
Years active 1972–1996
Labels Atlantic
Associated acts Chic, The Power Station, Sister Sledge, Mick Jagger, Robert Palmer, David Bowie

Who is Diana Ross husband?

Arne Naess, Jr.m. 1985–2000
Robert Ellis Silbersteinm. 1971–1977
Diana Ross/Husband

Did Nile Rodgers wrote like a virgin?

It was released on October 31, 1984, by Sire Records as the album’s lead single. The song was written by Tom Kelly and Billy Steinberg, and produced by Nile Rodgers; Steinberg said that the song was inspired by his personal experiences of romance. “Like a Virgin” was chosen for Madonna by Michael Ostin of Warner Bros.