Few individuals would scrutinize that tourism can be exceedingly an unstable industry. This paper will explore the problems facing the tourism industry.

Safety is one of the problems confronting the tourism business (Spenceley, 2008). The present populace is maturing maybe like no other in the past. As the time of increased birth rates era like those conceived between 1945-1961 progressively approaches its sixth span of life, large portions of its members are declining to back off. Despite the fact that the generation X-ers are elderly, tourism authorities are seeing a significant number of these individuals rehearsing a wide range of physical exercises, for instance motorcycling and skiing. The refusal of retiring from the industry implies that tourism authorities will confront a wide range of security issues. Versatile therapeutic units might be required, others will require uncommon eating regimens and promptly accessible drug stores open twenty four hours a day and seven days a week.

Health issues is another problem that is related to safety issues, for example, pandemics that can without much of a stretch cause tourism alarms. Not just can a drop in water purity turn into the main tourism issue, additionally the business must face the truth of pandemics or pandemic alarms (Butler & Russell, 2010). The SARS “alarm” should have prompted the travel business that a couple of media stories can cause destruction on the tourism business’ practicality. In a like way, an apprehensive open may interface a health occasion with a potential demonstration of terrorism. The Bacillus anthracis scenes in Washington, DC are a case of how an anxious open may stop to visit a locality because of health related security issues.


In conclusion, it is evident that some of the problems concerning health and safety cannot be controlled by the tourism experts.