Is there anything stronger than Saitama?

Only people able to beat saitama would be Saiki and lite. Only thing Saitama lacks is any special power. But in Strength, Speed, Power, AND STAMINA, Goku and all might would die instantly. All might can barely take a strong punch by Nomu, as for Saitama was hit half way into the earth leavong a huge hole.

Who is stronger than Naruto or Saitama?

STRONGER: Naruto, Naruto Naruto’s speed has passed the speed of light and there isn’t a possible way for Saitama to defeat that. Naruto wins by virtue of his stamina and speed. If you are faster than your enemy, it tilts the battle in your favor.

Who is a good opponent for Saitama?

2 Villain: Boros Boros is credited with being the strongest opponent Saitama has ever fought. Not only was he able to survive multiple punches from Saitama, but he was also strong enough to kick him to the moon and even put his body back together after Saitama literally punched him to pieces.

Is Saitama a God?

Saitama is neither a God nor a Monster. He is simply a human who has broken through his limiters and gained superhuman power.

Can Saitama beat Thanos?

2 Could Beat Thanos: Saitama Saitama is the main protagonist from One-Punch Man, and his powers are literally ridiculous. Saitama’s strength and speed far outstrip even the Mad Titan’s, and these abilities would allow Saitama to easily overcome Thanos’s regenerative abilities.

Who was Saitama’s toughest opponent?

Boros – The Strongest Alien Lord Boros is the leader of the Dark Matter Thieves and has been credited with being the strongest alien and opponent Saitama has ever fought yet.

Will Saitama become S Class?

Saitama and Genos attend the Hero Association exam and pass. Genos becomes an S-Class hero, while Saitama becomes a C-Class hero. Genos and Saitama spar and Saitama is overwhelmingly victorious.

Can saitama beat all might?

2 Saitama Is Simply Overpowered Both are the strongest heroes in their respective worlds, rely on punches, and have never lost an important battle at full strength. Unfortunately for All Might, Saitama out-muscles him in every way, outclassing him in strength and speed.

Can saitama beat Superman?

So the winner should be Superman not saitama. For years, Superman was the end-all-be-all when talking about the most powerful characters in comics – or any medium really. As the star of One-Punch Man, Saitama is so powerful that he defeats all his opponents in a single punch.

Who was Itachi’s lover?

Izumi was deeply in love with Itachi, so much so that she accepted Itachi’s decision to end her life for the sake of the village, and was grateful to be given the life she wanted with him: growing old and having kids together, even if it was only a genjutsu.

Who is Saitama in One Punch Man series?

Saitama is a human from Z-City who; through rigorous (sort of) training broke through his human limiters and achieved unbelievable strength and abilities. Never breaking a sweat, the name One Punch Man is fitting for the effortless wins Saitama has achieved through the series.

What did monster Garou do in Saitama vs battles?

(W) Countered Monster Garou’s punch with Serious Series: Serious Headbutt and destroyed his arm. (W) Dug out of a chasm quickly. (W) Dodged Crablante’s attack while carrying the cleft chin boy. While on Day 300 of his training, he saved a boy and his dog from being hit by a car.

How many punches does Kizaru throw at Jotaro and Dio?

Kizaru stomps lol, the stands’ punches are City-Block level at best, Kizaru would tank them even if they were Haki imbued, then one shot Jotaro and Dio with one kick each after the time-stop is over. The stands are not FTL imo because it does not make sense at all throughout the story, they seem to be Massively Hypersonic to me at best.

What are the powers and abilities of Saitama?

Tier: 9-B | 9-A, up to at least 8-B | At least High 6-A, likely far higher. Name: Saitama, “Caped Baldy”. Origin: One-Punch Man. Gender: Male. Age: 25. Classification: Human, A-Class Hero. Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Accelerated Development (Training; Physical Stats.