How can I go to Puri from Chennai?

The fastest way to reach from Chennai to Puri is flight to Biju Patnaik International Airport, then cab to Puri and takes 3h 43m. The recommended way to reach from Chennai to Puri is flight to Biju Patnaik International Airport, then cab to Puri and takes 3h 43m.

Why planes do not fly over Jagannath temple of Puri?

Planes do not fly above the temple because Puri doesn’t come under any flying route. The Nilchakra is an eight metal Chakra ( Round shaped) on top of the Jagannath Temple Puri. It supposedly blocks communications for the flying airplanes making it dangerous for the aircraft to fly.

How can I go to Bhubaneswar airport from Puri?

The best way to get from Bhubaneswar Airport (BBI) to Puri without a car is to line 08423 train and train which takes 1h 39m and costs ₹310 – ₹370. How long does it take to get from Bhubaneswar Airport (BBI) to Puri? It takes approximately 1h 39m to get from Bhubaneswar Airport (BBI) to Puri, including transfers.

Does poori have an airport?

Though Puri doesn’t have an airport, but the Bhubaneswar Airport, which is 53 kms away from Puri helps in connecting the city to other cities of the country. Flights to all major destinations ply to and from the airport and a cab or local bus can be used for visiting Puri from the airport.

Is Ola available in Puri?

Ola taxi is not available in Puri. You can get private taxi or Auto Rickshaw to roam in and around the city.

Is there Uber in Puri?

We’ve made travelling between Bhubaneswar and Puri a whole lot simpler. Now you can just pull out your smartphone, request your ride, and an Uber will arrive at your doorstep, ready to take you to Puri. Just open your Uber app and book your ride.

What is the mystery of Jagannath Temple?

There may be some engineering mystery behind this but that is unknown yet. The site of the Jagannath temple has never been declared as a no-fly zone. Still, for some strange reason, no birds or plane fly above the temple. Some attribute this phenomenon to the divine force.

How many airports are in Odisha?

26 airports
There are 26 airports in Odisha of which two airports belong to AAI, 21 airports belong to the State Government and one airport each belongs to IAF, ARC and SAIL.

How much time does it take for darshan in Puri?

For the complete visit of the Lord Jagannath temple you may require at least two hours. The best time for darshan is early in the morning ie 5 Am. over a year ago. Dharshan is best suitable early morning or around 5 PM.