Is Glynn Edwards still alive?

Deceased (1931–2018)
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What happened to Dave from Minder?

ritish actor Glynn Edwards has died at the age of 87 at his home in Scotland. The cult actor was best known for playing Dave ‘the barman’ in 1980s show Minder, as well as roles in Zulu and Get Carter. According to reports, Edwards died at home on May 23, with the cause of death yet to be confirmed.

Who was Glyn Edwards married to?

Valerie Edwardsm. 1984–2018
Yootha Joycem. 1956–1968
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Who ran the Winchester Club in Minder?

Glynn Edwards
During a 1980 episode of the TV series Minder, the dodgy wheeler-dealer Arthur Daley (played by George Cole) walks into the Winchester Club. “’Allo Arthur,” says Dave the Barman (Glynn Edwards). “You’re early. I’ve only just opened.” “Who said you can never find one when you want one?” asks Daley.

Where is minder filmed?

The Winchester Club
Dennis Waterman (Terry McCann), Glynn Edwards (Dave the barman) and George Cole (Arthur Daley) filming Minder at The Winchester Club, which was based on a down-at-heel bar in Chalk Farm, north London. Our guide to the week’s top TV shows – every Monday.

How old is Glynn Edwards?

87 years (1931–2018)
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Where is Minder filmed?

Why did Dennis Waterman leave the Minder?

In 1989, after filming the seventh series, Waterman announced he had left the series, feeling that the character had run its course, and that it was becoming harder for the writers to come up with plots as sharp as had been customary in the series.

Does the Winchester Club exist?

This was a real club at the time of filming, called ‘The Eton Club’. The original club is almost unrecognisable these days. The first series is actually shot inside and outside this club.

Where was the original Minder filmed?

What was Arthur Daley’s wife called?

7 By what phrase did Arthur refer to his wife as? Arthur constantly referred to his wife as “Er Indoors”. Horace Rumpole of “Rumpole of the Baily” fame called Hilda, his wife, “She Who Must Be Obeyed”.

Why did Dennis Waterman leave the minder?