How old was John Belushi when he died?

Unable to conquer a deadly addiction to cocaine, the comedian succumbed to the very demons that so often fueled his trademark intensity. Just seven years after his SNL debut, John Belushi was gone — dead at the age of 33. This is his tragic real-life story.

What was the name of John Belushi’s comedy troupe?

Still chasing dreams of comedy stardom, he formed his own improvisational troupe called the West Compass Trio with fellow comedians Tino Insana and Steve Beshakes. However, his enthusiasm for (and occasional appropriation of) Second City’s bits nearly landed him in hot water with the Chicago improv group.

What was the name of John Belushi’s next movie?

John Belushi’s next film projects didn’t fare as well as his debut. After Animal House, Belushi had a small role in the poorly received 1978 Jack Nicholson comedy-Western Goin’ South. However, his next project, the big-budget World War II comedy 1941 directed by Steven Spielberg, would be a disappointment with both critics and audiences.

What does John Belushi say on his tombstone?

There’s only a tombstone that says, “I may be gone, but Rock and Roll lives on.” To further emphasize this point, a skull and crossbones is also on the tombstone. Pxfuel

Where did John Belushi go to high school?

Although John Belushi may have found his destiny in improvisational theater, he still struggled to find his way academically after high school. Turning down a football scholarship to Western Illinois University, he applied to the exclusive liberal arts school Illinois Wesleyan University.

What did John Belushi do on Saturday Night Live?

Rising to national fame as one of the original “Not Ready For Prime Time Players” in the early years of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, he created characters that have become indelible features on the pop culture landscape.