How old is Bill Nershi?

59 years (September 16, 1961)
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Where is Bill Nershi from?

New Jersey, United States
Bill Nershi/Place of birth

What kind of guitar does Bill Nershi play?

For guitarist, Nershi mainly uses a Collings I-35, a Santa Cruz D-Nershi Signature Model, a ’70s Martin D-28 (“FrankenMartin”), a 1955 Martin D-18, and a Ton Nershi T-Style Guitar. When it comes to amps, Nershi goes with his tried-and-true Fender formula involves a Blues Deluxe and a Blues DeVille.

Where does Michael Kang live?

He provides both a melodic and rhythmic sound. Kang has lived in South Korea, Indonesia, England, Germany, New York City, San Francisco Bay Area (California), United Arab Emirates, Alaska, and Colorado….Michael Kang (musician)

Michael Kang
Associated acts The String Cheese Incident

When did String Cheese Incident start?

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What kind of music is String Cheese Incident?

The String Cheese Incident
Origin Crested Butte, Colorado, United States
Genres Progressive bluegrass, country, neo-psychedelia, jam band
Years active 1993–2007, 2009–present
Labels SCI Fidelity

Why is it called the String Cheese Incident?

The name “String Cheese Incident” is a reflection of this attitude; they had to have some name to perform under, and it served as a placeholder that just kind of ended up sticking.

Why is it called String Cheese Incident?

Is there a band called Cheese?

Bio: When The Interns split, Roy Abbott and Nicko Halliwell formed a new band called The Cheese with Ritchie McCracken (bass) and John Wilson (drums).

What type of music is String Cheese Incident?

Country music
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What movie was Richard Cheese Down With the Sickness?

Dawn of the Dead
Film work. Richard Cheese’s cover of Disturbed’s “Down with the Sickness” was featured in the 2004 Zack Snyder-directed remake of Dawn of the Dead.

Who Covered down with the sickness?


Title Performer Release date
Angry White Boy Polka “Weird Al” Yankovic May 20, 2003
Down with the Sickness The Tribute Co. October 26, 2010
Down with the Sickness Richard Cheese & Lounge Against the Machine 2011
Down with the Sickness Violet Orlandi feat. Ai Mori March 3, 2021