What artefacts were found on the Mary Rose?

  • Maltese cross. Pendant Maltese cross from the Mary Rose fused to two rings.
  • Wine flask. Wine flask with wicker casing.
  • Casket panel. Italian casket panel.
  • Nit combs. 82 nit combs, mainly made of boxwood, were found on the Mary Rose,.
  • Pewter syringe. A pewter syringe.
  • Pomander & cord. Pomander and cord.
  • Earscoop.
  • Cook’s bowl.

What materials did the Tudors use?

All Tudor clothes were made from only natural fabrics – fabrics that came from animals or plants. These fabrics included: wool, silk, leather, satin. Velvet and fur (from animals) cotton and hessian from plants.

What is the Tudor period known for?

The Tudor dynasty was marked by Henry VIII’s break with the papacy in Rome (1534) and the beginning of the English Reformation, which, after turns and trials, culminated in the establishment of the Anglican church under Elizabeth I. The period witnessed the high point of the English Renaissance.

What inventions came from Tudor reign?

Thanks to developments during this era, you can visit a theatre, get your portrait painted, read a newspaper, drink tea or coffee and eat with a fork. They also invented the flushing toilet and an ingenious way of making cannon balls bounce off castles. Find out more about how the Tudors and Stuarts shaped modern life.

Why was the Mary Rose so important?

The Mary Rose was a successful warship for Henry VIII for 34 years: almost the entire duration of his reign. While he may have had many ships, it is the Mary Rose that is remembered as his favourite. Notably, the life of the Mary Rose coincides almost exactly with the reign of Henry VIII.

What were rich Tudor clothes made of?

Rich people could afford clothing made of fine wool, linen or silk. Their clothes were decorated with jewels and embroidered with gold thread.

Is Elizabeth II a Tudor?

While there is no direct line between the two, the modern royals have a distant connection to the Tudors. They owe their existence to Queen Margaret of Scotland, grandmother of Mary Queen of Scots, and King Henry VIII’s sister.

What do Tudor portraits tell us?

In Tudor times, only the very rich could afford to have their portraits painted. In the past, people used portraits as a way of showing their wealth, status and power. They displayed the portraits in the same way that people post photographs of themselves on social media today.

What sank the Mary Rose?

A French cavalry officer present at the battle stated that the Mary Rose had been sunk by French guns. A cannonball low in the hull would enable water to flood in, making the ship unstable and leading to her sinking. Perhaps that was why the ship turned so suddenly.