Can you use contact paper to cover books?

If you’re hoping to protect your new book – or your child’s – from the perils of frequent reading, cover it with clear contact paper for a protective, easy, and non-permanent solution. In about five minutes, you can trim, fold, and press contact paper to make a subtle but protective cover.

What paper is best for covering books?

Most printed books, use uncoated paper stocks for the inside pages of the book, and a coated cover stock for the book cover. Uncoated stocks come in different finishes and paper weights. Uncoated paper comes in two different finishes, either a vellum or smooth finish.

How do you cover old books with paper?

Layout out paper under the book, with the book OPEN. Make sure to leave about 3 inches on either side, so they can be folded over the book cover and the book can be closed. Using the Frog Tape, fold paper over front cover and secure. This will help keep the paper straight, as you fold over the paper on the back cover.

What kind of paper is used for novels?

Most novels are printed on uncoated paper, which makes text easier to read, in part because there is no glare created like there is on coated paper. Additionally, because of the coating process, coated papers are thinner than their uncoated counterpart (even at the same paper weight).

What can I cover my school books with?

Sticky back plastic, wrapping paper, stickers and washi tape, are all handy materials to help you up your book covering game.

Is there a way to cover a book with contact paper?

Get as close to the book as you can without hitting the cover. With these cuts, you can easily fold the contact paper inside the book. Fold the sticky contact paper inside the book cover.

What’s the best way to cut contact paper?

Take a scissor and cut diagonally along the corners of the contact paper at a 45-degree angle. Get close to the book cover but be careful not to cut it. Then cut the contact paper at the spine straight down towards the book, parallel with the spine. Get as close to the book as you can without hitting the cover.

What’s the best way to wrap a book?

Unlike contact paper, plastic wrapping does not have an adhesive backing, so it doesn’t stick on its own. Roll a bit out on a flat surface and place the book on it. Lay the book 2 inches (5.1 cm) from the end of the plastic.

How do you remove backing paper from a book?

Pull the backing paper off while pressing the contact paper down. With the contact paper sticking onto one side of the book cover, flip the book over so the cover is facing up. Hold the cover down with one hand and grab the fold of backing paper with your other hand. Pull the backing paper slowly to peel it off.