What does HSGI TACO stand for?

High Speed Gear
High Speed Gear (HSGI), designers and makers of the 100 percent Made in the USA, Battle-Proven Tactical Gear™, is proud to announce that the next generation of magazine carriers are here. The MINI TACO offers a shorter pouch for an easier grip on the magazines.

Can you wash high speed gear?

Wash your gear in warm (not hot!) soapy water using a mild detergent (the US military recommends using NSN 7930-00-929-1221) such as a liquid dish soap or a small amount of liquid laundry detergent. Immerse the gear completely and let it soak for a few minutes. Rinse your gear in clean water.

Where is high speed gear made?

High Speed Gear® kicked off a second manufacturing shift at its Swansboro, N.C., headquarters on Sept. 8 to increase production and meet the growing demand for its American-made gear. Within the facility, HSGI® increased its overall headcount, as well as continued to invest in equipment and new technology.

Are TACO mag pouches good?

The durability and quick draw capability of the TACO is more than enough reason to buy this mag pouch, but the fact that it’s made in America is just another great reason to support them.

What does TACO pouch mean?

The TACO MOLLE pouch was chosen for its functionality, versatility and retention. The TACO will handle any type of rifle magazine. This unique pouch uses injection-molded polymer sides, 1000D Cordura front and back, and shock cord lacing to securely hold almost any rifle magazine.

Can you stack HSGI TACOs?

A lot of other companies only make pistol mag pouches for either single-stack or double stack, but the HSGI Taco Mag Pouches are flexible enough to accommodate any size pistol mag. These pouches fit any 1911, M9 Beretta 92 model, Glock, any XD, and the HK45 by simply loosening or pulling the bungee cord.

Can you put TA 50 in the dryer?

Never put your TA-50 gear in the dryer In order to ensure that none of your gear is damaged during the cleaning process, we suggest never putting it in the dryer. Instead, we recommend air drying it for the best results. This means you should plan for ample drying time before you need to return it to the CIF.

What TYR Tactical?

About TYR Tactical® At TYR Tactical®, we set out to revolutionize tactical equipment for the Next Generation Warrior®. As an industry leader in the United States, Canada and Denmark, we remain committed to upholding the highest standards of product quality and integrity.

Does high speed gear offer military discount?

*Active-Duty Military, Law Enforcement and First Responder Communities: get instant access to these discounts and many more by signing up for your free one-year NRA Life of Duty Membership at http://join.nralifeofduty.tv/. See our full list of Gear Discount Providers at http://nralifeofduty.tv/discounts. Thanks!

What does high speed mean in the Army?

High Speed – A term that can be positive or negative depending on the context. It can be a service member who is highly motivated but also sarcastically for someone who isn’t. Joe – A junior enlisted soldier. Mandatory Fun – An event required by service members to attend, it’s never actually fun.

What is TACO mag pouch?

This unique pouch can securely hold an infinite combination of mags and other accessories. The original TACO® forms the base and USGI, HK, PMAG, ARC, FAL, AK 30/ 40, LR20 and M14 magazines are all held securely and deployed easily and silently on demand. This versatile pouch will hold almost any pistol magazine.

Can you stack HSGI tacos?