Why is title not available on DIRECTV?

This can happen if the dish isn’t getting good signal from the satellite the guide data downloads from (which one varies depending on what dish you have). If anything but a phone dial tone not detected comes back, could give you some idea of what to tell customer service.

Why is my DIRECTV guide blank?

The majority of times, it simply means that you need to give the receiver a little time to download correctly. Peradventure nothing positive happens after waiting, then you need to reset it. First, you need to press the red button located very close to the access card and wait for the live TV to come back.

How do I reset my DIRECTV guide?

There are two ways to reset your Genie, Genie 2, or Genie Mini:

  1. Press the reset button (it’s the red one behind the access card door or on the side of the receiver. Wait for it to reboot.
  2. Unplug your receiver, wait 15 seconds, then plug it back in. Now press Power and wait for the receiver to start up.

How do you get the guide on DIRECTV?

Visit channel 237 on your DirecTV to see the TV Guide Network. Wait for the programs you want to see as they appear on the network’s scroll-down guide. Watch the top of the screen for free movie previews, celebrity news, TV show repeats and commercials.

How do I fix missing channels on DIRECTV?

Many issues, including channels missing from the guide, can be fixed by refreshing and reauthorizing your receiver….To refresh:

  1. Go to My Equipment.
  2. Review the equipment you have and identify the impacted receiver(s).
  3. Select Refresh receiver to begin. This takes a minute or two and may briefly interrupt your service.

Why is my directv not working?

Reset your receiver Press the red reset button which is located on the side of most DIRECTV receivers or inside the access card door on the front panel. Wait for your receiver to reboot. If your receiver doesn’t have a red reset button: Unplug the receiver’s power cord from the electrical outlet.

How do I get Clearmybox on DIRECTV?

You can do the same thing as CLEARMYBOX by pressing the red reset button, waiting until you get to live TV, and pressing it again.

What is Code 920 on DIRECTV?

If you see error code 920, it means that your receiver has not been able to download the program guide from the satellite for more than three hours. First, you need to diagnose the problem by running a simple system test.