Why is my event viewer not working?

First, reboot your system and see if it helps. Sometimes a simple restart helps reinitialize this service. If the Windows Event Log shows as being started, re-start it from Services Manager. To check if the Windows Event Log service is started or stopped, Run services.

How do I fix Event Log service is unavailable?

Right-click on the Windows Event Log service and click on Start. In case the service is already running, click on Restart. You might also be prompted for the administrator password, enter it accordingly. Once the Windows Event Log service starts successfully, the error should be solved.

How do I restart Event Viewer service?

In the Services window, double-click on Windows event log. c. Set the Startup type to Automatic & start the Service. You may run system file checker [SFC] scan on the computer which will replace the missing or corrupt files & check if the issue persists.

What service runs event viewer?

Event Viewer

Event Viewer in Windows 10
Developer(s) Microsoft
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Service name Windows Event log (eventlog)
Type Utility software

How do I turn on event viewer?

To access the Event Viewer in Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Server 2012 R2:

  1. Right click on the Start button and select Control Panel > System & Security and double-click Administrative tools.
  2. Double-click Event Viewer.
  3. Select the type of logs that you wish to review (ex: Application, System)

Can I stop Windows Event Log service?

RE: How to disable system event logging on event viewer Locate Windows Event Log observe his current status and open to make changes. From General tab you can Start/Stop and change the Windows Event Log .

How do I enable event logging?


  1. On a target server, navigate to Start → Windows Administrative Tools (Windows Server 2016 and higher) or Administrative Tools (Windows 2012) → Event Viewer.
  2. Navigate to Event Viewer tree → Windows Logs, right-click Security and select Properties.
  3. Make sure Enable logging is selected.

How do I run event log?

How do you check if a service has been restarted?

To find the event log record showing when your service was last started:

  1. Open the Event Viewer from the Control Panel (search for it by name).
  2. In the left-hand column, navigate to Windows Logs > System:
  3. Click Find… on the right to bring up the Find window.

How do I turn on Event Viewer?

How do I fix Event Viewer errors and warnings?

To access the System log select Start, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Event Viewer, from the list in the left side of the window select Windows Logs and System. Place the cursor on System, right click and select Filter Current Log. Check the box before Error and click on OK and you see only Error reports.

How do I open the Event Viewer from Run command?

Run Event Viewer from Run dialog. Open Run dialog by pressing Windows+R. Type eventvwr. msc (or eventvwr.exe) and click OK.

What to do if Event Viewer is not running?

Click on Start. b. Click on Search and type Services.msc. c. Right click on Windows event log and Stop the service and re-start the service. Was this reply helpful?

How to start the Windows Event Log Service?

All replies 1 Go to C:WindowsSystem32winevtlogs folder and Right Click on system and application event –> Click on properties… 2 Start the windows eventlog service now and it will run fine with out any issues. 3 All the events stored back to the eventvwr console automatically. More

How to tell if event log service is unavailable?

Event Log service is unavailable. Verify that the service is running. Event Log service is unavailable. Verify that the service is running. I get error message Event Log service is unavailable. Verify that the service is running. whenevr I try to open event viewer.