Why does Apple Mail save multiple drafts?

Answer: A: Uncheck to store drafts on the server in Mail Preferences> Accounts> Mailbox Behaviors. Mail autosaves the draft while you work on it. Those autosaved drafts gets copied to the server each time mail syncs to the server.

How do I stop emails from saving multiple drafts?

Answer. Disable storing drafts on the server by going to the Mail. app’s Account Preferences –> [choose the account you are working with] –> Mailbox Behaviors. Gmail will store a copy of any sent mail in its own Sent folder.

How do I delete multiple drafts in Gmail?

If they are all drafts, click on Discard drafts. Otherwise, click on Move to and then on Trash. Open the drafts box. For the draft(s) you wish to delete, tap on the little circle with the figure in it.

Can you send multiple drafts in Gmail?

Create Duplicate Email Messages in Gmail There are however two easy ways to create duplicate draft emails inside Gmail. You can either use Mail Merge for Gmail or, if you are looking for a more simple one-click option, use the Duplicate Drafts feature available inside Email Studio.

Why does Mac Mail keep saving drafts?

Mac and MobileMe accounts (IMAP). Disabling the saving of draft messages on the remote mail server resolves the issue. This can be accomplished by unchecking the Store draft messages on the server option located in Mail > Preferences > Accounts > Mailbox Behaviors for each affected account.

How do I stop drafts from saving in Mac Mail?

Click on the “Mailbox Behaviors” tab and uncheck the “Store draft messages” box.

Why does my emails keep going to drafts?

A main reason why the email may be going the Drafts folder is its sending through the Outlook Outbox rather than the PoliteMail server and the message is too large to send through Outlook. Verify that Send Email Via is set to PoliteMail Server, not Outlook Outbox. Click OK.

Why does Gmail keep saving drafts?

Hi Dan, if your Gmail is accumulating drafts and not deleting them when you send the message, then you are more than likely not using Firefox (per your categories) to manage your Gmail account. This happens when you are using desktop email software and it is set to save drafts on the server.

Why does Gmail keep making drafts?

Why do my Gmail emails keep going to drafts?

The way Mail handles draft messages is that a local draft folder is created on your computer where these messages are automatically saved when you start composing. If you do not save them directly they will stay there until the message is either sent, or discarded without being saved.

How do I send all my drafts at once?

How to send multiple drafts at once in Outlook?

  1. Send all draft messages at once in Outlook with VBA code.
  2. Hold down the ALT + F11 keys to open the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window.
  3. Then click Insert > Module, copy and paste below code into the opened blank module, see screenshot:

Does Gmail remove duplicate email addresses?

First, sign-in to Gmail and go to Create Filter. Then, In the In filter section Paste the email address for which replicates needs to be deleted. Then, emails with the respective ID will move to a separate space. Finally, select them all and simply delete.

Where does the draft go in Gmail when you send a message?

Mail creates a temporary draft each time you compose a message. If you send the message while the IMAP account syncs, the draft doesn’t get deleted and gets stored in gmail’s draft folder. If you want to stop this, uncheck to store drafts on the server.

Why does Apple Mail put emails in drafts?

Whenever I send a email thru Apple Mail using my Gmail account, it will put the email in the DRAFTS folder. How do I keep this from happening? I have 3 email accounts that I use in Apple Mail and the Gmail one is the only one that does this.

How often does Gmail save a draft email?

Gmail saves a draft about every 30 seconds by default I believe and moves the old one to the Bin as each new one is created. This is not much of a problem unless one adds a big attachment early in the compostioin in which case it uses a lot of bandwidth writing it amd moving it.

How do I sync trash to sent mailbox?

For Sent Mailbox choose Sent Mail ON THE SERVER. Do the same for Trash. In Mail.app, click on the Sent Mail mailbox of the provider. Then on Mailbox -> Use this Mailbox For -> Sent. Do the same for Trash. After a few sync’s it should work as expected.