Why did Eric Matthews dump Gracie Hart?

Story: This film is the sequel to the 2000 movie Miss Congeniality. Three weeks after the events in the first film, Gracie Hart finds herself unable to go on undercover operations anymore due to her newfound fame. Even worse, Eric Matthews dumps her because they are moving too fast.

What state does Gracie Hart represent in Miss Congeniality?

New Jersey
Gracie enters the pageant as “Gracie Lou Freebush”, representing New Jersey, and becomes friends with Cheryl Frasier, who is Miss Rhode Island. As the competition begins, Gracie impresses the judges during the talent competition with her glass harp skills and self-defense techniques.

What happened to Agent Matthews in Miss Congeniality 2?

More significantly, she gets dumped. Agent Matthews disappears and is not replaced, and Gracie tumbles into a kind of love/hate relationship with her rough-edged female bodyguard and partner, Sam Fuller (played by Regina King).

When was Miss Congeniality 2 filmed?

24 March 2005 (USA)
Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous/Release date

Who is the villain in Miss Congeniality?

Kathy Morningside, also known as “The Citizen”, who she impersonated, is the main antagonist of the 2000 comedy movie Miss Congeniality. Morningside is vengeful, bad, selfish, and insane. She clearly shows her self-serving side when she blames everyone and everything but herself when she is defeated and arrested.

Why do they call it the Garden State Miss Congeniality?

Victor Melling: Why is New Jersey called “The Garden State”? Gracie Hart: Because “Oil and Petrochemical Refinery State” wouldn’t fit on a license plate?

Why was Benjamin Bratt not in Miss Congeniality?

Also, Michael Caine and Benjamin Bratt don’t appear in the movie. I don’t really miss Bratt because he’s not that good of an actor. The acting is pretty good and it’s the best thing the movie has to offer. Sandra Bullock gives a funny and enjoyable performance as Gracie Hart.

Who is the bad guy in Miss Congeniality 2?

Her fame resulted in her cover being blown while she is trying to prevent a bank heist. To capitalize on her publicity, the FBI decide to make Gracie the new “face” of the FBI. Hurt after being dumped by her boyfriend, fellow Agent Eric Matthews (who gets relocated to Miami), she agrees to the reassignment.

Who is the bad guy in Miss Congeniality?

Why does Eric Matthews go crazy?

He wound up depressed on his parents’ couch, watching television in a bathrobe everyday. His parents tried to support him but didn’t quite know what to do with him. Neither did the show’s writers, who didn’t want Will Friedle off the show, so they made him the insane comic relief.