Why did David turn into a werewolf?

After walking through the moors of Yorkshire, England with his friend Jack Goodman, he was attacked and bitten by a werewolf and thus became one at the night of the full moon. After disbelieving Jack (in ghost form) about him being a werewolf, David turned into one and killed six Londoners.

Was David actually a werewolf?

He is interviewed by police Inspector Villiers who tells him that he and Jack were attacked by an escaped lunatic, but David insists they were attacked by some sort of rabid dog or wolf. An undead Jack appears to David and explains the beast that attacked them was a werewolf, and reveals that David is now one.

How old is David Naughton?

70 years (February 13, 1951)
David Naughton/Age

David Walsh Naughton (born February 13, 1951) is an American actor and singer known for his starring roles in the horror film An American Werewolf in London (1981) and the Disney comedy Midnight Madness (1980), as well as for a long-running “Be a Pepper” ad campaign for beverage maker Dr Pepper.

How much did it cost to make American Werewolf in London?

10 million USD
5.8 million USD
An American Werewolf in London/Budget

What does stay off the moors mean?

vb. 1 intr to continue or remain in a certain place, position, etc. to stay outside. 2 copula to continue to be; remain.

Is American werewolf in Paris a sequel to American werewolf in London?

It follows the general concept of, and is a sequel to, John Landis’s 1981 film An American Werewolf in London. The film is an international co-production between companies from the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, and the United States.

Where can werewolf be found?

The “eastern” werewolf-vampire is found in the folklore of Central and Eastern Europe, including Hungary, Romania and the Balkans, while the “western” werewolf-sorcerer is found in France, German-speaking Europe and in the Baltic.

What ever happened to David Naughton?

David Naughton, who appeared in 1970s Dr. Pepper commercials and starred in An American Werewolf in London, served two days in jail on a domestic violence charge. Naughton, 57, best known for the exuberant “I’m a Pepper, You’re a Pepper” ads, was released Monday from a Nevada jail, police say.

What happened to the old Dr. Pepper guy?

Dr Pepper vendor mascot Larry Culpepper, the star of ads run so often he became as associated with college football as knee injuries and NCAA investigations, has been retired by the soft-drink brand.

Is American Werewolf in London a good movie?

An American Werewolf in London (1981) is a flat out great movie. There are good characters, good humor, a hilarious ending, and some scenes scared the hell out of me.

How long is American Werewolf in London?

1h 37m
An American Werewolf in London/Running time

What are the Moors in England?

Moorland, nowadays, generally means uncultivated hill land (such as Dartmoor in South West England), but also includes low-lying wetlands (such as Sedgemoor, also South West England). It is closely related to heath, although experts disagree on what precisely distinguishes these types of vegetation.

Who is the Werewolf in an American Werewolf in London?

The Werewolf is the main antagonist from the 1981 horror comedy film An American Werewolf In London. He was a lone werewolf who was responsible for the death of Jack Goodman and was also responsible for giving the curse of lycanthropy to David Kessler.

How did David and Jack die in American Werewolf in London?

The pair decide to leave, and the pub-goers warn them to keep to the road, stay clear of the moors and beware of the full moon. David and Jack end up wandering off the road onto the moors, and are attacked by a supernaturally large animal. Jack is killed and David is bitten.

When does an American Werewolf in London come out on DVD?

The Region 2 DVDs and Blu-ray were released on September 28 and are known as An American Werewolf in London – Special Edition. The Region 2 DVD release does not include a scene that is fully intact on the Region 1 release and all previous Region 1 and 2 releases.

How did David Kessler turn into a werewolf?

After disbelieving Jack (in ghost form) about him being a werewolf, David turned into one and killed six Londoners. When he found out, he then made a way to stop himself from killing more innocent people by killing himself. He was killed by the police during his second and final change.