Who was the guitarist for Extreme?

Nuno Bettencourt
Guitar virtuoso, singer-songwriter, and record producer, Nuno Bettencourt rose to international prominence as guitar player with the multi-platinum rock band EXTREME.

Is Nuno Bettencourt self taught?

While Bettencourt was slow to adopt the instrument under his brother’s tutelage, his skills quickly developed when he began teaching himself, and he has mentioned in many interviews that he would skip many school days to practice upwards of seven hours a day.

What guitar did Nuno Bettencourt play on more than words?

Washburn N4 Signature guitar
While primarily know for his electric work on his Washburn N4 Signature guitar, Nuno and Extreme came to prominence with the acoustic hit, “More Than Words”, which featured the guitarist playing a Washburn Festival Series acoustic/electric guitar.

When did Nuno join Extreme?

Nuno Bettencourt joined Extreme as a guitar player in 1985. Extreme is a Boston-area musical band, made up of four members including Bettencourt as the lead guitarist, Gary Cherone, lead vocals, Pat Badger as the bass player and has Paul Geary for drums.

Why did Extreme break up?

Extreme disbanded after the tour in 1996, on amicable terms, when Bettencourt decided to leave to pursue a solo career.

What AMP does Nuno use?

Randall NB King 100 Signature Amp.

What happened to the duo extreme?

What kind of car does Nuno Bettencourt drive?

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Is More Than Words a one hit wonder?

American rock band Extreme might be best known for evergreen acoustic ballad More Than Words – but they are no one-hit wonder. Guitarist and songwriter Nuno Bettencourt has come to terms with the fact that many people will probably know them for only that one song from 1991, but says their fans know the real deal.

Who has covered More Than Words?


Title Performer Release date
More Than Words Westlife November 1, 1999
More Than Words Ac·Rock 1999
More Than Words Wise Guys 1999
More Than Words New Dominions 2000

What happened to the rock group Extreme?

Who sang only words can say?

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