Who used the M3 grease gun?

U.S. Army service
The M3 is an American . 45-caliber submachine gun adopted for U.S. Army service on 12 December 1942, as the United States Submachine Gun, Cal. .

Is the M3 grease gun good?

45 caliber M3 “Grease Gun” during a behind-the-scenes tour at the Naval Heritage and History Command in Washington, D.C. Though it might look crude, the design proved rugged and reliable in combat for more than two decades. The M3 offered a good base for the modifications.

Is the M3 grease gun still used?

By many accounts, the M3 was still in use by the 1990s. Unlike many of its contemporary weapons, the Grease Gun did not have adjustable sights and was mainly intended for tank crews to use in close quarters so they could get back in the tank and continue firing the big gun. A U.S. troop in Vietnam carrying the M3 SMG.

Why is M3 called grease?

…as did the United States’ M3, called the “grease gun” for its resemblance to a mechanic’s grease dispenser. The British Sten gun, extremely simple and inexpensive yet very effective, was issued to paratroops and commandos beginning in 1941 and was also smuggled to partisans in Europe.

Was the Grease Gun better than the Thompson?

Simple is as simple does, and the design utilizes welded stamped sheet steel and a very simple mechanism. Grease guns were cheaper and faster to produce than any Thomspon. At its cheapest and simplest form, the Thompson cost the army 45 bucks a pop; the M3 cost only 15 bucks.

What replaced the M3 Grease Gun?

45 ACP. In the U.S. Army, the M3 was used up through the 1991 the Gulf War by vehicle and by Delta Force. Submachine guns were eventually replaced in many armies by shortened assault rifles, which used heavier assault rifle rounds while still physically compact.

Did Germans use the Grease Gun?

The Grease Gun was a project that started in 1942. American designers were looking to create a submachine gun similar to the British Sten Mk. 2 and German MP40. A unique feature of the Grease Gun was that it was able to convert to German 9mm rounds, used in the German submachine guns.

Was the grease gun better than the Thompson?

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