Who sang the 1st cut is the deepest?

Rod Stewart
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Is the first cut really the deepest?

When Sheryl Crow took Stevens’ song “The First Cut Is The Deepest” to #1 in 2004, our culture’s pop amnesia didn’t just forget about Rod Stewart’s 1976 version; it was almost like P.P. Arnold’s even more gorgeous and heartbreaking rendition had never existed. In this case it’s true: The first cut really is the deepest.

Who Wrote The First Cut Is The Deepest lyrics?

Cat Stevens
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Who sang first cut is the deepest in seven psychopaths?

P. P. Arnold
The First Cut Is The Deepest/Artists

How old is PP Arnold?

74 years (October 3, 1946)
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How many versions of the first cut is the deepest?

There were actually 68 versions of the song. The original “The First Cut Is The Deepest” was first performed by P.P Arnold and released in May 1967. The most recent cover was in March 2017 performed by Billy Valentine. Songwriter Cat Stevens penned and did a demo recording of “The First Cut Is The Deepest” in 1965.

Who made the first cut?

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What happened to Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong?

The two became engaged in late 2005 but split in early 2006, which Armstrong later said was due to Crow wanting marriage and children, which he wasn’t willing to commit to at the time. Crow would later adopt two children while Armstrong went on to have two children with his current fiancee, Anna Hansen.

Who sang with Sheryl Crow American Idol?

Graham DeFranco
Luckily Graham DeFranco (who was eliminated ahead of the Top 12) was literally in the crowd on finale night, and at a moment’s notice, took the stage with Crow to perform a medley of “If It Makes You Happy” and “Every Day Is A Winding Road.” Luke Bryan had nothing but praise for the performance and broke down the …

Did PP Arnold date Steve Marriott?

She also recorded songs written by Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane from labelmates Small Faces, who backed her on several recordings; Arnold had a brief romantic liaison with Marriott in 1967.

Did PP Arnold sing Angel of the Morning?

In 1968, a rendition by P. P. Arnold, who had sung background on the 1967 Billie Davis version, reached No. 29 in the UK in August 1968….Juice Newton version.

“Angel of the Morning”
Length 4:15 3:57 (7″)
Label Capitol 4976
Songwriter(s) Chip Taylor
Producer(s) Richard Landis