Who Owns the News and Observer?

The McClatchy Company
The News & Observer

The June 16, 2009, front page of The News & Observer
Owner(s) The McClatchy Company
Publisher Sara Glines
Editor Robyn Tomlin
Founded 1865 (as The Sentinel)

How do I cancel my News and Observer subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by calling (919) 829-4500 or by visiting www. The News & Observer/contact-us .

How much does the Charlotte Observer cost?

$159.99 for 1 Year | Renews annually. Cancel anytime. Get unlimited access to stories on our website and app. Access to subscriber-only features, investigative reporting, and more.

What is Charlotte NC newspaper?

Charlotte Breaking News, Sports & Crime | Charlotte Observer.

How much is the Sunday News and Observer?

News & Observer Sunday subscription only 85 cents per week.

Who runs the Charlotte Observer?

Chatham Asset Management
The Charlotte Observer is an American English language newspaper serving Charlotte, North Carolina and its metro area. The Observer was founded in 1886. As of 2020, it has the second largest circulation of any newspaper in the Carolinas. It is owned by Chatham Asset Management.

How much does the News and Observer cost?

What is the name of Raleigh NC newspaper?

Raleigh News & Observer
Raleigh NC News, Sports & Politics. Raleigh News & Observer.

How do I stop Charlotte Observer delivery?

You can cancel your subscription by calling 704-358-5000 or by visiting www.CharlotteObserver.com/contact-us .

How do I subscribe to the Charlotte Observer?

To subscribe, visit charlotteobserver.com/subscribe. For unlimited access to sports-only coverage, subscribe to The Charlotte Observer’s SportsPass for a special introductory rate of $30 per year.

What is the largest newspaper in North Carolina?

The newspapers with the largest paid circulation are The Charlotte Observer and The News & Observer of Raleigh. The largest number of North Carolina newspapers are focused on local news at the county level.

Is Charlotte safe?

Charlotte has a high crime rate compared to the national average. However, like any major city, most areas are very safe with some areas of the city you should avoid. Violent crime is concentrated in just a handful of areas that are easy to avoid.