Who owns Saint Agnes Medical Center?

Nancy Hollingsworth, RN, MSN, President and CEO Nancy enjoys a long history at Saint Agnes, beginning in the 1980s as an Oncology staff nurse and then Manager of Patient Resources for over a decade.

What is Saint Agnes the patron saint of?

St. Agnes, also called Saint Agnes of Rome, (flourished 4th century, Rome [Italy]; feast day January 21), virgin and patron saint of girls, who is one of the most-celebrated Roman martyrs.

How old was St Agnes of Rome when she died?

13 years (291 AD–304 AD)
Agnes of Rome/Age at death

How many beds does St Agnes Hospital have?

Ascension Saint Agnes Hospital/Number of beds

When was St Agnes built?

The Sisters of the Holy Cross began work in Fresno, California, in 1894, with the opening of a boarding and day school for girls. In 1929, at the request of the local bishop, nine Holy Cross Sisters established the original Saint Agnes Hospital in downtown Fresno.

When was Saint Agnes Medical Center built?

In 1862, when Saint Agnes Hospital was established to provide healthcare for the poor, poverty and disease were rampant, and a Civil War raged on all sides of the city.

Who is the oldest saint in the world?

Chronological list of saints in the 1st century

Name Birthplace Death
Pope Clement I Rome 100
John the Apostle Bethsaida, Galilee 100
Nereus, Achilleus and Domitilla 100
Prosdocimus Antioch, Asia Minor 100

Is there a patron saint of hair loss?

Nevertheless, there is no patron saint for hair loss, though there are 4 patron saints for hairdressers and stylists (St. Cosmas and Damian, St. Louis IX, St. Roman Catholic tradition has made saints the patrons or protectors of various aspects of human life, and they are invoked for particular reasons [1] .

Is Agnes a biblical name?

Agnes is a given name derived from the Greek Ἁγνή Hagnḗ, meaning ‘pure’ or ‘holy’. The name passed to Italian as Agnese, to French as Agnès, to Portuguese as Inês, and to Spanish as Inés. It is also written as Agness….Agnes (name)

Gender Female
Language(s) Greek
Meaning “pure, holy”

How many employees does St Agnes Hospital have?

2,600 employees
A large health care organization with 2,600 employees and an annual revenue of $1.8B, Saint Agnes Medical Center is headquartered in California.

What is St Agnes famous for?

Because of the legend around her martyrdom, Saint Agnes is patron saint of those seeking chastity and purity. She is also the patron saint of young girls and girl scouts. Folk custom called for them to practise rituals on Saint Agnes’ Eve (20–21 January) with a view to discovering their future husbands.

When did St Agnes Hospital close?

Despite its advanced medical technology, St. Agnes closed its doors in 1961.

How to contact mysaintagnes Saint Agnes Medical Center?

For password resets and technical support, please call our 24-hour Support Center at 877-448-1766. On June 6, 2019, Saint Agnes Medical Center updated the security of our mySaintAgnes patient portal, where you access your medical records. This update provides a better user experience and enhanced security.

When did St.Agnes Hospital in Fresno Open?

These values were first inspired by the Sisters of the Holy Cross who, with a staff of 32, opened the original 75-bed Saint Agnes Hospital in 1929.

Is there a Veterans Program at Saint Agnes?

Saint Agnes is proud to offer our Military and Veterans Health Program to those in our community who have served. Saint Agnes is proud to offer our Military and Veterans Health Program to those in our community who have served. Saint Agnes is proud to offer our Military and Veterans Health Program to those in our community who have served.

What is the approach to care at Saint Agnes?

To value every life and treat each person with respect and dignity. Since then, we remain committed to keeping their promise. At Saint Agnes, our people have an approach to care that’s remarkable.