Who owns Alemite?

Lincoln Industrial
Alemite LLC/Parent organizations

What is Alemite?

A method using pressure to inject grease into bearings. This method replaced the use of Grease cups.

Where are Alemite grease guns made?

South Carolina
Headquartered in Fort Mill, South Carolina, Alemite is a leading provider of lubrication and fluid handling systems and equipment, including oil mist systems, fluid management controls, pumps, reels, meters, fittings and grease guns. For more information, visit www.alemite.com.

What is an Alemite grease gun?

This Alemite 500-E grease gun, which comes with an 18″ hose and coupler, has a cylinder capacity of 16 oz., delivers lubricant at pressures up to 10,000 pounds per square inch (psi) at a rate of 1 oz. A bleeder valve keeps the grease gun from building up excessive pressure in the cylinder.

Why is it called a Zerk fitting?

The Zerk design, named after Oscar Zerk, used a fitting much smaller than the Alemite pin-type and did not lock the hose coupler or hand gun and fitting together. Instead, the seal between them was maintained by the pressure of a pushing action when the operator applied the coupler to the fitting.

What is a grease fitting called?

Grease fittings, also known as zerk fittings or grease nipples, serve as lubrication points on bearing housings or other mechanical components. Their design provides a secure connection to a grease gun coupler for delivering precise amounts of grease into bearings and other moving systems.

Are any grease guns made in USA?

Lincoln 1134 – Pistol Grip Grease Gun This hand-operated grease gun offers an adjustable stroke mechanism for high-pressure options makes it an American-made pistol grip grease gun. This heavy-duty grease gun is manufactured by Lincoln grease gun made in USA serving many decades and a very popular seller.

Do you need a Zerk fitting?

Zerk fittings are found wherever grease is required. It could be a needle bearing in a universal joint, a ball joint, a pin that allows parts to rotate or an area that has two hard surfaces that slide upon each other.

How do you lubricate a Zerk fitting?

How to Use a Grease Gun on Zerk Fittings

  1. Press the grease gun’s coupler over a zerk fitting.
  2. Pull the grease gun’s handle or lever (depending on your grease gun model) to pump grease into the zerk fitting.

What company makes the best grease?

7 Best Grease Guns In 2021 Reviews

  • Dewalt 20V Max Cordless Grease Gun.
  • Lumax LX-1152 Black Heavy Duty Deluxe Pistol Grease Gun.
  • Bravex Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun.
  • GreaseTek Premium Pistol Grip Grease Gun.
  • Utool Grease Gun.
  • Steinbrucke High-Performance Pistol Grip Grease Gun.
  • Rexbeti Grease Gun.