Who is Turner Construction owned by?

Turner Construction is an American construction company with presence in 20 countries. It is a subsidiary of the German company Hochtief. It is the largest domestic contractor in the United States as of 2020, with a revenue of $14.41 billion in 2020.

Is Turner Construction a publicly traded company?

During 2009, Turner completed $8.21 billion of construction. Turner is the only builder offering clients a nationwide network of offices across the U.S. Founded in 1902, the firm is a subsidiary of HOCHTIEF, a publicly traded company and one of the world’s leading international construction service providers.

What does Turner Construction company do?

Turner is a North American based international construction services company. Founded in 1902, Turner first made its mark on the industry pioneering the use of steel reinforced concrete for general building, which enabled the company to deliver safer, stronger, and more efficient buildings to clients.

Is Turner a construction union?

Is Turner a construction union? Some of the biggest construction names in the Big Apple — such as Tishman Construction and Turner Construction — are using less union labor for their privately funded projects and choosing lower-priced, nonunion workers, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Who is the CEO of Turner construction?

Peter J. Davoren (2004–)
Turner Construction/CEO

Is Turner Construction a good company to work for?

Turner is by far and away one of the best construction companies to work for. They really care about their employees and have great company culture. They are one of the only construction companies I know of that genuinely cares about inclusion and the work/life balance of their employees.

Is Turner a union?

The company objects to a “restrictive” clause in the current contract that dictates Turner only use union labor when they subcontract work.

Does Turner Construction drug test?

PRE-PLACEMENT TESTING All prospective employees (Turner and all Turner subcontractors) will be tested for the presence of drugs, and their metabolites in order to be eligible for employment. Positive results, for other than verified prescriptions for the applicant, will be grounds for rejection.

How many employees does Turner Construction Company have?

With a staff of 10,000 employees, the company completes $12 billion of construction on 1,500 projects each year. Turner offers clients the accessibility and support of a local firm with the stability and resources of a multi-national organization.