Who is the writer of Kuch Toh Log Kahenge book?

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge
Created by Director Kut’s Productions
Written by Kamlesh Pandey, Dilip Jha & Archita Vishwas
Directed by Mandar Devasthali, Sachin Gokhale, Sharad Pandey & Rishi Mandial
Creative director Ritesh Modi

Why did Mohnish Bahl leave Kuch Toh Log Kahenge?

“It is true that Mohnish Bahl is leaving Kuch Toh Log Kahenge due to health reasons,” tweeted Sneha Rajani, senior executive vice president and business head, Sony channel. “His doctors have advised him to rest and…to not work the kind of hours and days a daily soap requires.

Who sang Kuch to log?

Kishore Kumar
Kuchh to Log Kahenge/Artists

Does Sanjay Dutt really have a friend called Kamlesh?

Sanjay Dutt’s close friend Paresh Ghelani, who was portrayed as Kamlesh Kapaasi aka Kamli in “Sanju”, has debuted on social media, a week after the release of the actor’s biopic. Kamli, which was based on Ghelani, was played by Vicky Kaushal to Ranbir Kapoor’s Dutt.

Who was Sanjay Dutt’s first love?

Tina Munim was rumored to be Sanjay Dutt’s first love. They grew up together and in the course, they confessed their love to each other. Things went downhill when Sanjay Dutt became addicted to drugs ever since the death of his mother, Nargis and Tina distanced herself, ending her childhood love affair.

Who is Mohnish Bahl wife?

Ekta Sohinim. 1992
Mohnish Bahl/Wife

Who is Salman Khan best friend?

“Sanjay (Dutt), Shah Rukh, Aamir and Katrina are my best friends in the industry”.

Who is best friend of Sanjay Dutt in real life?

Paresh Ghelani
Paresh Ghelani is Sanjay Dutt’s friend who inspired Vicky Kaushal’s character Kamli in the actor’s biopic Sanju. The film showed a strong bond between Sanjay and his best friend which formed a huge part of the emotional core of Sanju.

Who is Ruby Sanju girlfriend?

She is not even playing Sanjay Dutt’s first wife and the mother of his eldest daughter Richa Sharma. In the movie, it has been revealed that Sanjay had about 350 girlfriends. However, the only girlfriend shown in the movie is Sonam Kapoor.

Who slept with Madhuri Dixit?

Sanjay Dutt
That’s how many girls Sanjay Dutt has had relationships with. But amid all of them, it was his affair with Madhuri Dixit that became the talk of the town in the early 90s. A lot was written about the Sanjay Dutt-Madhuri Dixit love story back in the day, but the two have mostly maintained silence on the subject.

Who is the father of Mohnish Bahl?

Rajnish Behl
Mohnish Bahl/Fathers

Are Nutan and Tanuja real sisters?

Tanuja was born in a Marathi family to filmmaker Kumarsen Samarth and actress Shobhna Samarth. She has three sisters, including actress Nutan and one brother. The couple has two daughters, actresses Kajol and Tanisha. Kajol is married to actor Ajay Devgan.