Who is the number one battle rapper?

Loaded Lux 2)Aye Verb 3)Murda Mook 4)Hollow the Don 5)Charlie Clips 6)Arsonal 7)Dizaster 8)Hitman Holla 9)Tay Roc 10)Pat Stay 11)K-Shine 12)T-Rex 13)DNA 14)Goodz 15)John John Da Don 16)Iron Solomon 17)Conceited 18)Calicoe 19)B Magic 20)Jaz the Rapper 21)JC 22)Math Hoffa 23)E Hart 24)Chilla Jones 25)T-Top 26)Serius …

What battle rapper has the most battles?

Arsonal – battle rapper 1) Arsonal (Arsonal Da Rebel) is a battle rapper from Newark, New Jersey. So far, he has 68 battles totaling a whopping 95,170,143 views online via YouTube. His most-popular battle against Shotty Horroh has generated over 13 million views.

Did Eminem really battle rap?

Eminem (real name: Marshall Mathers III) is an American battle rapper from Detroit, Michigan. He currently has 7 battles catalogued, which total 4,127,176 views.

How do you always win a rap battle?

In a rap battle, the rapper with the best delivery, lyrics, and crowd response usually wins. By writing your own rap songs, freestyling as often as possible, staying relaxed, and feeling the energy of your crowds, you’ll not only survive these battles, but you’ll thrive, rising to the top of the heap.

Who is the best female battle rapper?

Top Female Battle Rappers of the Year

  • O’fficial.
  • 40 BARRS.
  • Fiirst Ladii Flamez.
  • Yoshi G.
  • Coffee.
  • Lady Caution.
  • RX.
  • Ms. Hustle.

Who is undefeated in battle rap?

Serius Jones
Since his battle rap return in 2012 to date (April 2017) Serius Jones is “arguably” undefeated, most recently battling Battle Rap star Dizaster on KOTD.

Who is the most viewed rapper?

Eminem Is Currently The Most Viewed Rapper on YouTube | Eminem.Pro – the biggest and most trusted source of Eminem.

Who is the goat of battle rap?

Hollow da Don
Hollow da Don is regarded as one of the most versatile American battle rappers of all time. Illmaculate describes Nigel as not being 1st in any particular category such as writing, performance, cadence, but he marries them all unlike any other battler which makes him the GOAT in his eyes.

Did MC Juice beat Eminem in a rap battle?

Defeated Eminem In One Of Rap’s Greatest Battles. In 1997, at Cincinnati, Ohio’s annual Scribble Jam Festival, Eminem and MC J.U.I.C.E. faced off in what is often considered one of Hip-Hop’s greatest battles.

Is Eminem actually from 8 Mile?

‘8 Mile’ is partially based on a true story. The film contains many similarities and parallels to Eminem’s experiences of living in Detroit. The character of Future is said to be based on Eminem’s real-life close friend and rapper Proof. However, the film also features large deviations from Eminem’s real life.