Who is the hottest artists right now?

IFPI Top 10 Global Recording Artists of 2020

  • Drake.
  • The Weeknd.
  • Billie Eilish.
  • Eminem.
  • Post Malone.
  • Ariana Grande.
  • Juice Wrld.
  • Justin Bieber.

Who is the most popular musical artist of 2020?

Pop group BTS have been named the best-selling artists of 2020 by the IFPI, the organisation that represents the global recorded music industry.

Who is the number 1 Spotify artist?

Justin Bieber He’s been the most-popular artist on Spotify for seven months in 2020.

Who is #1 artist on Spotify?

Who is the Princess of Pop 2020?

You heard it here first folks! Even with all of the controversies, rumors, lawsuits and all, Britney Spears is still the reigning Princess of Pop!

What is the most streamed song ever?

According to the Twitter account, Nas X’s “Old Town Road,” featuring Billy Ray Cyrus has more than 2.9 billion on-demand streams. In January the song became the most certified song in U.S. history, having gone 14 times platinum.

What is the most listened to song of all time?

“Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran (pictured) is the most streamed song on Spotify with 2.9 billion streams.

Who are the top 10 music artists of all time?

1 Taylor Swift 2 Paul McCartney 3 Ariana Grande 4 Eminem 5 Michael Buble 6 Mariah Carey 7 Pentatonix 8 Bing Crosby 9 Andy Williams 10 Nat King Cole 11 BTS 12 Billie Eilish 13 Justin Bieber 14 Luke Combs 15 Frank Sinatra 16 Carrie Underwood 17 Brenda Lee 18 The Beatles 19 Harry Styles 20 Morgan Wallen

Who is the number one pop artist in the world?

It has been four years since Adele dominated the pop music world with her worldwide #1 hit album 21. Now she is back and she broke a number of records once again. Her single “Hello” is the first to sell more than one million digital copies in the US in a single week.

Who are the top pop artists of 2016?

Alternative pop-rock duo Twenty One Pilots are one of the big pop music stories of early 2016. Last year Blurryface became their first #1 charting album. Now, the single “Stressed Out” has become their first top 5 charting pop single after going all the way to #1 on the alternative radio chart. Selena Gomez.

Who are the top 10 artists on the Billboard 100?

1 Morgan Wallen 2 The Weeknd 3 Taylor Swift 4 Ariana Grande 5 Luke Combs 6 Billie Eilish 7 Olivia Rodrigo 8 Harry Styles 9 Juice WRLD 10 Pop Smoke 11 Justin Bieber 12 Lil Baby 13 BTS 14 Post Malone 15 Dua Lipa 16 Megan Thee Stallion 17 Chris Stapleton 18 Drake 19 DaBaby 20 Ed Sheeran