Who is the best DJ in Kenya 2021?

Top Instagram Influencers

# @Username Engagement Rate
1 DJ Joe Mfalme @djjoemfalme 0.10%
2 ADELLE ONYANGO @adelleonyango 0.20%
3 The Creme De La Creme @thecremedelacreme 0.20%
4 KRISS DARLIN @krissdarlin 0.20%

Who is the highest paid DJ in Kenya?

Here is the list of highest-paid deejays in Kenya.

  1. DJ Joe Mfalme. Joseph Mwenda, popularly referred to as DJ Joe Mfalme, runs DJ Joe Mfalme Ltd, offering top-notch deejay services.
  2. DJ Mo. Samuel Muraya, known for his stage name DJ Mo is one of the best gospel DJs in Kenya.
  3. DJ Kalonje.
  4. Kriss Darlin.
  5. DJ Pierra Makena.

Who is the best female DJ in Kenya?

Top 10 female DJs in Kenya

  • DJ Redbone. Redbone is no doubt the best DJs in Kenya, queens of the turntables.
  • DJ Dii. DJ Dii is not new to the industry.
  • DJ Lisney. If you frequent Nairobi entertainment joints, you have come across this fantastic Dj.
  • DJ Mellow.
  • DJ Tabz.
  • DJ Pierra Makena.
  • DJ Malaika.
  • DJ Shanize.

Who is the best reggae DJ in Kenya?

Top 5 Kenyan Reggae DJs to follow on SoundCloud for International Reggae Day

  • ZJ Heno. He shot to fame with his weekend night slot on HomeBoyz Radio and his popular mixes on Soundcloud have been streamed by millions of reggae fans across the world.
  • Kalonje.
  • Kriss Darlin’
  • Simple Simon.
  • DJ Tsunami.

Who is the best DJ in Uganda?

Top 5 Hottest Deejays Of Uganda

  • Dj Shiru. Does he even need an introduction anymore?
  • Dj Aludah. Sir Aludah is a motor-mouthed deejay and a product of pilsner lager spin master competition currently working with Radiocity.
  • Deejay Roja and Slick Stuart.
  • Selector Jay.
  • Dj Nimrod.

Who is the best MC in Kenya?

However, the list itself was somewhat interesting starting with the rather surprise ranking of comedian Eric Omondi as the best corporate MC; nicking it ahead of radio presenter Jalang’o who takes the second spot and youth liaison director Walter ‘Nyambane’ Mongare taking third.

Who is the best DJ in Kenya?

Here is the list of the top best Djs in Kenya:

  • Dj Adrian.
  • Creme’ del creme. ‘
  • Dj Pierre Makena.
  • Dj Kalonje.
  • Kym Nick Dee.
  • Dj pinye.
  • Phyll.
  • Dj Mantrix.

Who is the richest news anchor in Kenya?

Jeff Koinange is the richest news anchor in Kenya as he takes home millions of shillings per month. Jeff is a Citizen Tv News Anchor who is very learned and talented. Other high earning news anchor after Jeff are Linus Kaikai and Francis Gachuri of Citizen Tv show.

Who is DJ lisney?

DJ Lisney, whose real name is Lindaliza Felix, is one of the directors of the Elite Sounds Company, that was awarded the tender to run the audio-visual solutions for the WRC Safari Rally event.

Who is the best DJ in Kenya 2019?

Who is the best DJ in East Africa 2020?

A list of the best DJs in Africa 2020

  1. Black coffee. Dj Black Coffee at an event.
  2. Oskido. Dj Oskido up and about.
  3. Dj Jimmy Jatt. Dj Jimmy Jatt in his element.
  4. Dj Cuppy. Dj Cuppy poses for a photo.
  5. Dj Euphonik. Dj Euphonik at a radio station.
  6. Dj Maphorisa. Dj Maphorisa on the decks.
  7. Dj Xclusive.
  8. Dj Spinall.