Who is current king of Jordan?

Abdullah IISince 1999
President Biden on Monday praised King Abdullah II of Jordan as a “loyal and decent friend’ as the two leaders met at the White House, a critical visit for a Mideast leader who found himself sidelined under former President Donald J. Trump.

Is the King of Jordan related to the Prophet Muhammad?

He is a member of the Hashemite dynasty, the royal family of Jordan since 1921, and is a 41st-generation direct descendant of Muhammad. Abdullah was born in Amman as the first child of King Hussein and his second wife, British-born Princess Muna.

Who is King Abdullah’s wife?

Rania Al Abdullahm. 1993
Abdullah II/Wife
Rania al-Abdullah, in full Rāniyā al-ʿAbd Allāh, original name Rāniyā al-Yāsīn, (born August 31, 1970, Kuwait), queen of Jordan from 1999. As the wife of King Abdullah II of Jordan, Rania drew on her position as queen to advocate on behalf of numerous causes, including the rights of women and children.

Does the king of Jordan have any power?

The Constitution of Jordan vests executive authority in the king and in his cabinet. The king signs and executes or vetoes all laws. The king may also suspend or dissolve parliament, and shorten or lengthen the term of session.

Who married the King of Jordan?

Noor al-Husseinm. 1978–1999
Alia Toukanm. 1972–1977Princess Muna al-Husseinm. 1961–1971Dina bint Abdul-Hamidm. 1955–1957
Hussein of Jordan/Spouse
Queen Noor, married name Noor al-Hussein (“Light of Hussein”), also spelled Nūr al-Ḥusayn, byname of Lisa Najeeb Halaby, (born August 23, 1951, Washington, D.C., U.S.), American-born architect who was the consort (1978–99) of King Hussein of Jordan.

Are Hashemites Sunni or Shia?

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a majority Muslim country with 95% of the population following Sunni Islam while a small minority follow Shiite branches.

Is King Abdullah descendant of Prophet?

The forty-first-generation direct descendant of the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon Him), His Majesty King Abdullah II, assumed his constitutional powers on February 7, 1999.

What American married the King of Jordan?

Queen Noor

Is Egypt Shia or Sunni?

Islam is the dominant religion in Egypt with around an estimated 90.3% of the population. Almost the entirety of Egypt’s Muslims are Sunnis, with a very small minority of Shia. The latter, however, are not recognized by Egypt. Islam has been recognized as the state religion since 1980.

Is Morocco Shia or Sunni?

Unlike Iran’s Sunni-majority neighbors with sizable Shiite minorities – such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates – about 99 percent of Morocco’s population are Sunni Muslims and there is only a very small community of Shiite converts in the country.

Are Hashemites Arabs?

Hashemite, also called Hāshimī, any of the Arab descendants, either direct or collateral, of the prophet Muhammad, from among whom came the family that created the 20th-century Hashemite dynasty. Muhammad himself was a member of the house of Hāshim (Hashem), a subdivision of the Quraysh tribe.

Who is the king of Jordan and why?

His Majesty King Abdullah II Seventh Discussion Paper “Developing Human Resources and Education Imperative for Jordan’s Progress.”

Is there a consulate in Washington for Jordan?

The Consulate at the Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in Washington D.C. offers a range of services for Jordanians and foreign nationals. We aim to help with citizen registration, nationality and passport-related matters, emergency travel documents, family and identification documents, power of attorney, legalization,…

Who is the current US Ambassador to Jordan?

Location:  Jordan Event:  May 20 Virtual Town Hall for U.S. Citizens in Jordan As a reminder, U.S. Ambassador Henry T. Wooster and Consul General Bob Jachim will host a… Location: Jordan Event: May 20 Virtual Town Hall for U.S. Citizens in Jordan U.S. Ambassador Henry T. Wooster and Consul General Bob Jachim are pleased…

What can I do at the Embassy of Jordan?

We aim to help with citizen registration, nationality and passport-related matters, emergency travel documents, family and identification documents, power of attorney, legalization, change of status, as well as visa applications. Please see our List of Services for the full range of our resources.