Who has the best turnover differential in the NFL?

NFL Team Turnover Margin per Game

Rank Team 2019
1 Tampa Bay -0.8
2 Tennessee +0.5
3 Indianapolis +0.1
4 Miami -0.6

What NFL team has the least turnovers?

The Saints turned the ball over just eight times this season, the lowest number in NFL history. NEW ORLEANS — The Saints didn’t just light up the scoreboard this season, they did so with record-setting efficiency.

How many turnovers are in a NFL game?

Unfortunately, that conservatism has created a game that is far less exciting, and that can be seen in the steady decline in one of the most exciting plays in the sport — the turnover. So far this season, the NFL is averaging just 2.6 turnovers per game.

Who leads the NFL in turnovers 2020?

Carson Wentz
Carson Wentz had the most turnovers in 2020, with 19 turnovers.

Which NFL team has most interceptions?

San Diego Chargers
The San Diego Chargers have made the most interceptions by a team in a season, with 49 interceptions in 1961.

Who leads the NFL in turnovers in 2020?

Which QB has the most turnovers 2020?

Carson Wentz had the most turnovers by a quarterback in 2020, with 19 turnovers.

What QB has thrown the most interceptions in a season?

NFL Single Season Leaders – Passing Interceptions

Player Int
1. George BlandaG. Blanda 42
2. Vinny TestaverdeV. Testaverde 35
3. Frank TripuckaF. Tripucka 34

Who leads the NFL in interceptions thrown all time?

Brett Favre

Rank Player Years
1 Brett Favre+ 1991-2010
2 George Blanda+ 1949-1975
3 John Hadl 1962-1977
4 Vinny Testaverde 1987-2007

Who is the #1 defense in the NFL?

Los Angeles Rams
Team Defense

Rk Tm Yds
1 Los Angeles Rams 4511
2 Baltimore Ravens 5276
3 Pittsburgh Steelers 4893

What was the Packers defense ranked in 2020?

After 12 weeks, the Packers ranked 13th in total defense, 13th in rushing defense and 15th in passing defense. Green Bay was also allowing a whopping 25.7 points per game.