Who has covered the song Fever?

Peggy Lee

Who covered Fever by Peggy Lee?


Title Performer Release date
Fever Kay Martin and Her Bodyguards October 1957
Fever Ray Peterson with Shorty Roger’s Orchestra and The Jack Halloran Singers November 1957
Fever Peggy Lee June 1958
Fever Maureen Evans October 1958

Who sang the song Fever first?

Little Willie John

What genre is Fever by Peggy Lee?


Who sang the song Welcome to my world?

Jim Reeves
Welcome to My World/Artists

Who wrote the song the fever?

Eddie Cooley
Otis Blackwell

How old is Peggy Lee?

81 years (1920–2002)
Peggy Lee/Age at death
Jazz singer Peggy Lee has died at her Los Angeles home, her family said today. The American singer-composer, whose smoky voice on songs such as Is That All There Is? and Fever made her a jazz and pop legend, died from a heart attack. She was 81.

What was Peggy Lee’s biggest hit?

Track Listing

Title/Composer Performer
1 It’s a Good Day Dave Barbour / Peggy Lee Peggy Lee
2 Is That All There Is? Jerry Leiber / Mike Stoller Peggy Lee
3 Fever Eddie Cooley / John Davenport Peggy Lee
4 I’m a Woman Jerry Leiber / Mike Stoller Peggy Lee

Is Peggy Lee dead?

Deceased (1920–2002)
Peggy Lee/Living or Deceased

What does the phrase Welcome to my world mean?

(idiomatic) Indicates that the speaker is very experienced with a (usually unpleasant) situation that is new to the interlocutor. A: This job is too tough; I don’t think I can do it!

Did Dean Martin sing one has my name?

Born Clarence LaVonne Fitzgerald in Oklahoma on June 27, 1931, the Dean Martin sound-a-like singer first recorded in 1960 as Dino Fitzgerald with the June release Hit The Road To Dreamland b/w Apple On A Cherry Tree as Coral 9-52208.

What caused fever?

The most common causes of fever are infections such as colds and stomach bugs (gastroenteritis). Other causes include: Infections of the ear, lung, skin, throat, bladder, or kidney. Heat exhaustion.

When did Peggy Lee record the song Fever?

In May 1958, Peggy Lee recorded a cover version of the song in Hollywood, which featured significantly rewritten lyrics composed by Lee herself without credit. “Fever” was not included on Lee’s album Things Are Swingin’ when it was first released in 1959; however it was listed as a bonus track on its 2004 reissue release.

Who was the first singer to sing fever?

It has been covered by numerous artists from various musical genres, most notably by Peggy Lee, whose 1958 rendition became the most widely known version of “Fever” and the singer’s signature song. Lee’s version contained rewritten lyrics different from the original and an altered music arrangement.

Who was the first artist to cover fever?

Other notable cover versions of “Fever” include those by Elvis Presley, Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Michael Bublé, The McCoys, La Lupe and Beyoncé. Madonna released it as a single from her fifth studio album Erotica (1992) in March 1993 through Warner Bros.

Who are some famous people who sang Peggy Lee?

1 Little Willie John version. The song was written, officially at least, by Eddie Cooley and Otis Blackwell, the latter composer deservedly recognised as the creator of Elvis’ “Don’t Be Cruel,“ 2 Peggy Lee version. 3 James Brown version. 4 Isaac Hayes version.