Who does will Herondale marry?

Tessa Gray
Will falls in love with Tessa Gray and cannot stop loving her even when Tessa is engaged to Jem. At the end of the series, Will marries Tessa, having two children, Lucie and James, with her.

What happens to Will in infernal devices?

Jem bade him the Shadowhunter farewell, and Will then died surrounded by the two people he loved most in his life: Tessa and Jem.

Is The Infernal Devices appropriate?

Parents need to know that this Victorian vampire novel includes frequent battles with bloodshed, as well as talk of sacrificing humans and other beings. Also, people do get murdered. Although the violence is gory, it all takes place in a fantasy world that includes vampires, shape-shifters, and more.

Does Tessa love will or Jem more?

CC herself has said, on her twitter, during her Character Q&A’s, that Tessa DOES love Jem. Also, during Tessa’s nightmare at the York Institute when Henry holds his heart in her hand, it is split into two EQUAL pieces. EQUAL! She loves them both equally, only in different ways for different reasons.

Did will love Jem?

She loved Jem and could have been happy with him, too (though not if it hurt Will — that was always the thorn in those particular roses.) She chooses to remain with Will for his whole life, though he ages and she does not. She sees Jem every year, but nothing romantic happens between them.

Does James Herondale love Cordelia?

Romance. Cordelia is Lucie’s best friend and future parabatai. Because of this, she and James have known each other a long time and became close friends. At a young age, James fell in love with Cordelia, though unaware of his feelings or that she returned them.

Do Cordelia and James end up together?

James quickly dispatched the demon, saving Cordelia. The following day, he received a letter from Grace, asking him to meet her at Battersea Bridge. There, she asked him to run away with her, become mundanes, and get married.

Can you read the infernal devices alone?

No, you don’t, but since Infernal Devices is better than TMI I would read TMI first. A couple of characters appear in both, but you don’t have to read MI to understand ID. That being said, I think you would enjoy it if you did read it.

Do Herondales only love once?

I am a Herondale. We love but once.” “That is only a story.” “Haven’t you heard?” James said bitterly.

Are Jem and Will in love?

Jem and Will have an incredibly intense relationship. They also live in a time/place where friendships and relationships between men were romanticized, and were spoken of in incredibly romantic and flowery language.

Who does Jem Carstairs marry?

Shortly after, Jem became mortal again after coming into contact with Jace Herondale’s heavenly fire. Jem and Emma both played their parts in the war against Sebastian Morgenstern. After the war, Emma moved into the Los Angeles Institute to live with the Blackthorns, and Jem married his past fiancée, Tessa Gray.