Who choreographed Mary Poppins the musical?

Produced by Cameron Mackintosh and Disney Theatrical Productions and directed by Richard Eyre with co-direction from Matthew Bourne who also acted as co-choreographer with Stephen Mear, the original West End production opened in December 2004 and won two Olivier Awards, one for Best Actress in a Musical and the other …

Where did Stephen Mear train?

the London Studio Centre
A world opened up to Mear that was to become a way of life. His training at the London Studio Centre eventually brought him one step nearer to the West End, and it didn’t take long for his talent to be recognised.

What musical has a nanny who can fly?

Mary Poppins on Broadway: The Magical Nanny Keeps Flying.

What is the plot of Mary Poppins?

When Jane (Karen Dotrice) and Michael (Matthew Garber), the children of the wealthy and uptight Banks family, are faced with the prospect of a new nanny, they are pleasantly surprised by the arrival of the magical Mary Poppins (Julie Andrews). Embarking on a series of fantastical adventures with Mary and her Cockney performer friend, Bert (Dick Van Dyke), the siblings try to pass on some of their nanny’s sunny attitude to their preoccupied parents (David Tomlinson, Glynis Johns).
Mary Poppins/Film synopsis

Was Mary Poppins a witch?

Upon travelling to the land of Oz, Poppins is identified as a witch by the Wicked Witch of the West and melted with a bucket of water, before being reformed by Rutherford with a teaspoon of table sugar.

Who is Miss Andrews in Mary Poppins?

Miss Euphemia Andrew, nicknamed “the Holy Terror,” is a major antagonist in the Disney theatrical musical Mary Poppins, first staged in London, December 2004. She brought up George Banks, father of protagonists Jane and Michael.

Why does Mary Poppins leave?

Meanwhile, the wind has changed and Mary Poppins needs to leave. Plus, it’s emotionally the right timeā€”the Banks parents are connecting with their kids, meaning that Mary has accomplished her mission. Mary says she’s not upset to be leaving, because: Of course, Mary loves the kids.

Is Mary Poppins a demigod?

Mary Poppins appears to people as a kindly nanny. Despite her appearance she can fly and alter reality. She is revealed to be a manifestation of God when she confronts the Antichrist to prevent the Apocalypse, saving all humankind.

Why does Mary Poppins carry an umbrella?

In a good way, Mary Poppins’ umbrella keeps her in check. Mary guided the children, while the umbrella guided her. Often times, it introduced Mary to her softer side. Because Mary had a strong-headed disposition, the umbrella helped her to relax once in a while by taking her over the rooftops of London.

Who is the laughing man in Mary Poppins?

Ed Wynn
Ed Wynn is a familiar face best known for playing laughing Uncle Albert in 1974’s Mary Poppins and he also provided the voice for the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland (1951).

Is there a villain in Mary Poppins?

Dawes Sr. is the main antagonist of the 1964 Disney film Mary Poppins and the posthumous overarching antagonist of its 2018 sequel Mary Poppins Returns.

What is Brimstone and Treacle?

Treacle is a form of thick sugar syrup. Brimstone is a sulphur ore, from which pure sulphur may be refined. This mixture was thought to ‘do you good’ in Dicken’s days!

Who is Stephen Mear and what does he do?

Stephen Mear (born 1964) is an English Dancer, Choreographer and Director best known for his award-winning work in musical theatre.

When was Sunset Boulevard choreographed by Stephen Mear?


How many stars does Stephen Mear get in London?

****STARS – LONDON THEATRE REVIEW BY MARK SHENTON “As an opportunity to bask in a festive soundtrack, there’s hardly a more lovely show in town”. This is a real West End if not Broadway calibre production.

Where did Stephen Mear direct Thoroughly Modern Millie?

STEPHEN DIRECTED AND CHOREOGRAPHED THE WONDERFUL PRODUCTION OF THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE AT THE KILWORTH HOUSE THEATRE IN LEICESTERSHIRE IN 2016. Review Highlights; The thing about Mear which elevates him into the stratosphere is his grasp of character within every physical direction.