Who built the great machine?

The first computer was really designed in the 1830s and 1840s, not the 1930s and 1940s. It was designed, and parts of it were prototyped, and the bits of it that were built are here in South Kensington. That machine was built by this guy, Charles Babbage.

Who made the great machine Babylon 5?

This appropriate time was a year later when Draal revealed himself – rejuvenated to his appearance of thirty years ago – to John Sheridan and Delenn. They journeyed down to Epsilon III to meet with Draal and establish the Great Machine as an ally of the Army of Light.

What’s the great machine?

The Great Machine was a powerful photonic matrix built by Count Crankshaft to create the Light-Forms, sentient beings made of solid light projected by this contraption. To this end, the Great Machine holds the Holo-Pods, devices that contain the essence of those projected by the Great Machine.

What planet does b5 orbit?

Babylon 5 is in orbit around the third planet in the Epsilon Eridani star system, a world which was until recently believed to be barren, devoid of life.

What happened to the drakh Babylon 5?

On a mission to make the Younger Races suffer as the Drakh have suffer, die as the Drakh have died. They were being groomed by the Shadows become lords of chaos, but when they left the galaxy, the process was only half-complete.

Is the great machine the traveler?

“The Great Machine” is the name used by the Eliksni (“Fallen”), and “The Traveler” is the name used by humanity; both refer to the same entity currently in the sky above The Last City on Earth.

How many moons do Jupiter have including confirmed and provisional moons?

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Planet / Dwarf Planet Confirmed Moons Provisional Moons
Venus 0 0
Earth 1 0
Mars 2 0
Jupiter 53 26

Who replaces Kosh?

Ulkesh Naranek
Ulkesh Naranek was the Vorlon Ambassador to Minbar and later replaced Kosh as Ambassador to Babylon 5 after his death.

When was Babylon 5 built on Epsilon III?

Babylon 5 was built in orbit over Epsilon III in 2256. Until 2258, the planet was thought to be stable and uninhabited. Then, Varn the guardian of the Great Machine began to die which destabilised the machine and threatened to destroy the planet and endanger B5.

Where is the Great Machine in Babylon Project?

The Great Machine is a technological marvel of unknown abilities and origin located below the surface of Epsilon III.

Who was the Minbari hero in Babylon 5?

Draal was a male Minbari hero from the Babylon 5 television series who was the second Guardian of the Great Machine of Epsilon III. Draal was initally played by Louis Turenne, and in subsequent appearances by John Schuck .

When did Babylon 5 burn up in the atmosphere?

When Babylon 5 was decommissioned in 2281 to prevent it from becoming a navigation hazard, the wreckage from the demolition was caught in Epsilon III’s gravity well and burned up in the atmosphere. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.