Which V-Rod has mid controls?

VRSCD Night Rod Model years: 2006–2008. The Night Rod was introduced in 2006 as the “new hot rod-inspired motorcycle” built around the Revolution engine. The Night Rod has mid controls similar to the 2006 Street Rod. These are the only two V-Rod models with mid controls (Rear sets).

Why did they discontinue the V-Rod?

The Harley Davidson V Rod Discontinue seemed to happen from its 2018 model line-up. While the model got released in the early time of 2001, the Harley Davidson V Rod discontinued recently. The reason behind this kind of a design is that this particular model was primarily made to target the non-Harley customer base.

How do you check V-Rod codes?

5- to get DTC within an area, you push and hold the button in for 5 seconds and if there are any, it will be displayed… you can release the button. As you push the button again, other codes will appear if they are there.

What is the difference between AV rod and a V-Rod muscle?

Dimensions and Specifications The V-Rod Muscle® is slightly shorter than the Night Rod® Special – it has a total length of 94.9 inches, while the Night Rod® Special is at 96.1 inches. They have an identical wheelbase and identical seat heights when loaded. When ready to ride they have almost identical weights.

What year VROD had mid controls?

The Original Night Rod (2006 – 2008) It’s also worth noting that this Night Rod had mid controls similar to the 2006 Street Rod, the only two V-Rod models with mid controls. The year 2008 brought a refresh to the Night Rod and the Night Rod Special.

Are v rods reliable?

Introduced in 2001, the V-Rod was intended to compete with Japanese motorcycles that many riders were flocking to as reliable, low-cost Harley alternatives. This proved that the V-Rod was both powerful and reliable. As for the rest of the bike, it looked like no other Harley ever built.

How much does AV rod cost?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $18,099 $17,120
Options (Add)
Total Price $18,099 $17,120

Is the Harley V Rod reliable?

Reliability & build quality The Harley-Davidson Night Rod is definitely reliable. Our Harley-Davidson Night Rod owners’ reviews show these bikes do tend to be reliable, although there’s one comment about rusty boltheads appearing very early after they purchased their machine.