Which is the best ukulele on the market?

If you’re looking for a great place to start, the Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele and Kala Makala Concert Ukulele are two of our most popular and highest rated concert ukes.

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Where was the first ukulele made in the world?

Ukuleles were first invented in Hawaii during the 19th century, but these whimsical instruments now boast players from around the world. They come in several different sizes, each creating distinct musical sounds. From beginner players to experts, there are ukuleles to suit every skill level.

Which is more expensive plastic or wooden ukuleles?

Plastic ukuleles are usually much less expensive than wooden ukuleles, and American-made ukuleles are typically more expensive that ukuleles made in other regions. What are the different types of ukuleles?

Is there a Cordoba Ukulele i can buy?

Cordoba offer ukuleles for performers of every skill level and playing style, which is great news for you, since it means you’ll have no trouble finding exactly the instrument you want in this section. Maybe start your search by having a look at some of our best sellers and then taking things from there.

Who are some famous people who play the ukulele?

First appearing in Hawaii in the 1800s, the ‘uke’ has found a unique home for itself in both traditional and popular music. Artists as diverse as Eddie Vedder, Amanda Palmer, Don Ho, and Jason Mraz have all made use of the ukulele over the years to add a special something to their classic songs.

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What kind of tone does a soprano ukulele have?

Most importantly, keep in mind that ukuleles come in four main sizes – soprano, which are the smallest and have the highest pitch, concert, which offer a rich mid-range tone, tenor, which features a deep tone and long fret board, and baritone, which produces the lowest uke tones and is tuned differently from its counterparts.

What kind of instrument is the ukulele from Hawaii?

A ukulele is a four-stringed acoustic instrument often associated with Hawaii. With its relative ease of playing and availability at low-cost, ukuleles are a great way to support or expand an interest in music.