Which is the best series of Deutsch connectors?

1 DT Series. Deutsch DT series connectors provide superior electrical properties and weather resistance in a user friendly product. 2 DTM Series. 3 DTP Series. 4 DTHD Series. 5 HD10 Series. 6 HDP20 Series. 7 HD30 Series. 8 AS Series. 9 ASL Series. 10 Quick Connect Series.

What are the extreme duty Deutsch connectors?

Extreme Duty Electrical Connectors The Deutsch connector system is an electrical interconnection device for severe conditions and harsh environments that provides a superior solution to any harnessing need.

How many amps does a Deutsch connector have?

The rugged thermoplastic housings operate in temperatures from -55° C to 125° C and include all required Silicone Rubber seals. Available with 1 to 12 cavities and accommodating wire sizes from 6AWG to 24AWG, the connectors are rated from 7.5 amps continuous to 100 amps continuous.

What kind of connector does Deutsch metal use?

Deutsch metal HD30 Series provides quick and easy coupling and cost effectiveness with heavy duty terminations. The HD30 is a heavy duty rated, environmentally sealed, and multi-pin connector that uses a bayonet coupling system to provide a vibration resistant locking mechanism.

What are the uses of Deutsch DTM connectors?

Deutsch DTM Series of connectors feature a miniature contact with an enhanced design based on the field-proven Deutsch “DT” Series. Applications include on or around the engine, the transmission and under the hood. Everywhere data signals or critical electronic circuits go, the field proven design will provide reliable connector performance.

What are the sizes of Deutsch DRC connectors?

The Deutsch DRC Series Connector is a rectangular connector that offers insert arrangements of 24,40,50,60,64,70,76, and 80 cavities. These connectors accept size 12,16 and 20 contacts and are available in In-line, Flange Mount and PCB mounting options.