Which is better Srixon Z-Star or Z-Star XV?

The Srixon Z-STAR is the softer-feeling, higher-spinning version of Srixon’s Tour-level balls. The Z-STAR XV is the bomber. It’s higher compression and lower spinning and gamed by long hitters Cameron Champ, Grayson Murray and Ryan Brehm.

What is Srixon Z-Star XV?

About the Srixon Z-Star XV The Srixon Z-Star XV is a four-piece golf with a urethane cover. The Srixon Z-Star XV is the company’s “X” ball in the Tour category. While Srixon describes it as low spin off the driver, it’s typically the higher spinning of the Srixon Z-series on full shots.

What is the compression of the Srixon Z-Star XV?


Compression 102
Cover Material Urethane w/ SeRM
Construction 4-Piece
Feel Soft
Trajectory Mid-High

Are Srixon Z Stars good?

The Good. The Srixon Z-Star is a significant step-up in quality and consistency from the Q-Star Tour and is generally what we would describe as a good ball.

Which Srixon ball is most like Pro V1?

Overall. The Srixon Z-Star is an exception golf ball. I found that it compared quite favorably to the Pro V1, outperforming it (at least for me) in a few key areas. With a slightly lower price tag, it could be a great choice for many lower handicap players.

What is the compression of Pro V1?

around 90
The three-piece Pro V1 still has a compression around 90 and its 352-dimple cover pattern helps to produce lower-spinning, lower-flying shots off the tee and with long irons.

Are Srixon golf balls good?

Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls Review Srixon Z-Star Golf Ball is Srixon’s best ever high performance three-piece ball. Soft with maximum control. 324 large seamless dimple design with a larger, softer core and ultra-thin cover provides flight stability and exceptional spin and control .

What is the best Srixon golf ball for seniors?

Srixon Soft Feel ball
The Srixon Soft Feel ball is one of the best ones tested this year, and is overall a solid pick for seniors. The Ionomer cover is durable but provides a good feel, and distance is very good for slow swing speeds. With a compression rating of 60, it responds well to a slower golf swing.

Are Srixon Z-Star good for high handicappers?

“For low handicappers who need a high spin ball, the Srixon Z-Star is a perfect choice. It offers more control with higher compression and helps generate high swing speed shots with irons.” For years, Srixon has been quietly making some of the best golf balls on the planet.

Who uses Srixon Z-Star balls?

Some of those players who put their trust in Srixon equipment on the PGA TOUR include Hideki Matsuyama, Graeme McDowell, Shane Lowry, Keegan Bradley, J.B. Holmes, and many more.

Are Srixon Z-Star balls soft?

Soft at its center yet firm around its edge, FastLayer Core gives you speed and great feel so you can play with confidence and big distance. A special heat treatment bakes speed into the outer portions of the core yet leaves the center satisfyingly soft.