Which GHD straightener is best?

Best ghd hair straighteners: our verdict

  1. ghd Platinum+ Best ghd straightener overall.
  2. ghd Original IV. Bestselling ghd straightener.
  3. ghd Gold. Best GHD straightener for curling and waving hair.
  4. ghd Max. Best ghd straightener for thick or long hair.
  5. ghd Mini. Best ghd straightener for short hair, bangs, and quick touch-ups.

Is the platinum GHD worth it?

The GHD Platinum Plus is a great hair straightener: it’s safe, easy to use and leaves you with shiny, straight hair. It definitely performs better than the Original Styler, however, there is a large difference in price. 3-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

How can I tell if my GHD is real?

But an easy one to spot! A very common difference between genuine and non genuine Ghds is the shape of the power cable. Genuine Ghd power cables are NOT round in shape they are almost a flattened oval shape as you look down them (or run your finger down them). If your power cable is round in shape they are FAKE!

Is GHD gold better than original?

The ghd Gold improves upon these features to deliver sleeker, smoother and healthier-looking hair. Featuring dual-zone technology for a premium performance, the GHD Gold is equipped with two next-generation heat sensors across each styling plate.

Why are ghd straighteners so good?

The general consensus with the OG GHD straightener is that it has great features and does the job perfectly. It features floating ceramic plates that glide easily through the hair and a rounded barrel which ensures snag-free styling when you want to make waves, as well as ticking the box for safety features.

Is ghd better than chi?

This flat iron heats up quicker than its opponent. What’s more, the GHD works smoother than a CHI. You need lesser time for that perfectly straight hair look.

What does it mean when my GHD Platinum flashing red?

Also known as the ghd red light of death, a permanent or red flashing light on a ghd platinum hair straightener is a common fault with the ghd platinum hair straightener model S8T261. If your ghd has this problem and will not heat up then there is an error with the PCB which will need upgrading.

Does Amazon sell fake GHDs?

If you purchase from Amazon and not a 3rd party seller then they are real . GHD website state Amazon as an Authorized seller.

Are Fake GHDS any good?

Tests have shown that these fakes are made from poor quality materials and with little or no thought to consumer safety. Those buying counterfeit ghd stylers risk electrocution due to poor quality construction and lack of safety checks on the products.

Why is the GHD straightener so good?

The GHD iron quickly heats and automatically adjusts the temperature to suit the need of your hair, which is brilliant. The plates are heat optimised, so you do not need to feel the temperature by putting your hand near it. The gold-coated ceramic plates boast a smooth surface.