Which club is Ciro Immobile?

Italy national football team#17 / Forward
S.S. Lazio#17 / ForwardSevilla FCForward
Ciro Immobile/Current teams

What team does immobile play for 2021?


Club Season League
Lazio 2020–21 Serie A
2021–22 Serie A

Is Ciro Immobile married?

Jessica Melenam. 2014
Ciro Immobile/Spouse

Which country is Ciro Immobile from?

Ciro Immobile/Nationality

How many children does Ciro Immobile have?

Ciro Immobile and Jessica Melena are blessed with three children.

Who is Ciro Immobile wife?

Ciro Immobile/Wife

What kind of football does Ciro Immobile play?

Ciro Immobile ( Italian pronunciation: [ˈtʃiːro imˈmɔːbile]; born 20 February 1990) is an Italian professional footballer who plays as a striker for Serie A club Lazio and the Italy national team . Immobile began his career at Sorrento.

When did Ciro Immobile score the winning goal?

On 6 April, he scored the winning goal against Catania in a 2–1 victory. On 13 April, Genoa were leading 1–0, when Immobile and Alessio Cerci both scored in stoppage time to give Torino a 2–1 win.

When did Ciro Immobile make his Bundesliga debut?

Immobile made his Bundesliga debut on 23 August in the opening match of Dortmund’s 2014–15 Bundesliga campaign which saw them lose 2–0 to Bayer Leverkusen at home. On 16 September 2014, Immobile scored his first goal for the club, opening a 2–0 home win over Arsenal in the group stages of the Champions League.

When did Ciro Immobile get his first hat trick?

On 22 March 2014, Immobile scored his first Serie A hat-trick, in a 3–1 win against Livorno. Three days later, he scored a spectacular volley with his left foot against Roma, temporarily bringing the Granata level at the Stadio Olimpico. On 6 April, he scored the winning goal against Catania in a 2–1 victory.