Where is Trisha Hershberger from?

Schwenksville, PA
Trisha Hershberger/Place of birth

How old is Trisha Hershberger?

39 years (September 15, 1982)
Trisha Hershberger/Age

Why was SourceFed Cancelled?

Just like on TV, Sourcefed was cancelled, seemingly, because it wasn’t making money anymore. That is likely the principle reason for Sourcefed’s sagging ratings and eventual cancellation.

What is Trisha paytas Instagram?

Trisha Paytas 2 (@trishapaytasbackup) • Instagram photos and videos.

What happened SourceFed nerd?

On March 20, 2017, the cancellation of SourceFed, along with its SourceFed Nerd and People Be Like spinoffs, was announced. Around the time of the closure of SourceFed Studios, the SourceFed channel had accumulated over 1.7 million subscriptions and 900 million video views.

Where is Steven suptic now?

He is still living in L.A. with his friends Cib, James,and Steve’s dog,Littlefoot.

Did Trish delete Instagram?

Internet personality Trisha Paytas’ Instagram account has disappeared. Paytas originally said her account had been disabled for 30 days and later said that it had been “completely deleted.” Paytas said in a YouTube video that she had previously gotten warnings on her account to not promote her OnlyFans.

What does Trisha mean?

Meaning:noble; patrician.

What disease does Philip DeFranco have?

DeFranco has polycystic kidney disease which he inherited from his father and grandfather. He has a younger sister named Sabrina.

Who is Trisha Hershberger and what does she do?

You may know her from SourceFed, Geek & Sundry, Kingston Technology, or her own YouTube channel where she uploads nerdy, techie, and gaming videos. Reddit Inc © 2021.

When did Trisha Hershberger leave the SourceFed channel?

Trisha Hershberger is an American YouTuber who first gained notoriety as a host on SourceFed. She was with the channel from 2012 to early 2015. After her departure, she made occasional guest appearances including in the final SourceFed video released in March 2017.

Where did Nate Parker and Trisha Hershberger get married?

Trisha Hershberger is happily married to her best friend-boyfriend Nate Parker. They shared the vows in October 2015 at the historic landmark hotel, The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa in presence of their beloved friends and family in Riverside, California.