Where is the original Thunder Road?

The locations heard in the song “Thunder Road” (sung by Robert Mitchum) actually describe real places in east Tennessee and Kentucky. The “Thunder Road” route runs south from Harlan, KY, thru The Cumberland Gap to Maynardville, TN, just north of Knoxville.

How long is the movie Thunder Road?

1h 33m
Thunder Road/Running time

Who played Robert Mitchum’s brother Thunder Road?

James Mitchum
James Mitchum, right, was still in high school when he played movie-star dad Robert Mitchum’s kid brother in “Thunder Road. †He will take part in the 50th anniversary celebration of the movie at the Tennessee Theatre. James Mitchum made his acting debut in “Thunder Road” ?

What’s the movie Thunder Road about?

Unrepentant Tennessee moonshine runner Luke Doolin (Robert Mitchum) makes dangerous high-speed deliveries for his liquor-producing father, Vernon (Trevor Bardette), but won’t let his younger brother Robin (James Mitchum) join the family business. Under pressure from both out-of-town gangster Kogan (Jacques Aubuchon), who wants a piece of the local action, and Treasury agent Barrett (Gene Barry), who wants to destroy the moonshine business, Luke fights for his fast-fading way of life.
Thunder Road/Film synopsis

Was Robert Mitchum friends with John Wayne?

Robert Mitchum revealed in an interview that when Howard Hawks asked him to be in the film, Mitchum asked what was the story of the film. Despite the fact that John Wayne had fired Robert Mitchum from Blood Alley (1955) ten years earlier, he was happy to work with Mitchum again, and they became good friends.

What dog is in Big Jake?

Rough Collie mix
Martha decides instead to send for her estranged husband Jacob “Big Jake” McCandles, who wanders the west as a gunfighter with his black Rough Collie mix, simply named “Dog”.

What did Robert Mitchum do in Thunder Road?

Robert Mitchum Produced; wrote the script, and played the led in this movie. The writing was interesting here & there, but overall the movie was inept. Slow to the point of boring. Only three or four action scenes showing him running illegal alcohol in his hot 1950’s cars, which was supposed to be the whole point of the movie.

Who are the actors in the movie Thunder Road?

Complete credited cast: Robert Mitchum Lucas Doolin Gene Barry Troy Barrett Jacques Aubuchon Carl Kogan Keely Smith Francie Wymore Trevor Bardette Vernon Doolin

What kind of movies did Robert Mitchum appear in?

His best-known films include Out of the Past (1947), River of No Return (1954), The Night of the Hunter (1955), Thunder Road (1958), Cape Fear (1962), and El Dorado (1966). He is also known for his television role as U.S. Navy Captain Victor “Pug” Henry in the epic miniseries The Winds of War (1983) and sequel War and Remembrance (1988).

What was the theme song to the movie Thunder Road?

A video I cut together with car chase scenes from the 1958 Robert Mitchum movie, Thunder Road. The background music track is a theme song for the movie, written and sung by Robert Mitchum (though his version wasn’t used in the movie).