Where is Pillowville tn?

Greenfield is a city in southwestern Weakley County, Tennessee, United States. The population was 2,182 at the 2010 census and 2,078 in 2018.

What county is Pillowville TN in?

Weakley County
Pillowville is located in Weakley County<2>. The county had a population of 35,021 people at the 2010 Census. With it’s population of 1,608 people, Pillowville represented 4.59% of the county’s total.

How big is Weakley County Tennessee?

1,507 km²
Weakley County/Area

What towns are in Weakley County Tennessee?

Weakley County/Cities
Weakley County has five incorporated towns: Dresden, Martin, Greenfield, Sharon, and Gleason.

Why is Gleason TN called Tater Town?

Spinks Clay Company and Gleason Brick Company. Known as “Tater Town” because of the large shipments of sweet potatoes that once originated there, the town post office has a New Deal period mural depicting the sweet potato industry.

What cities are in Weakley County TN?

There are four chartered cities in Weakley County. They are: Dresden, the county seat; Martin, the largest city in the county; Greenfield and Gleason. There are also several small towns and communities in the county. They are: Sharon, Latham, Dukedom, Mount Pelia, Ore Springs, Gardner, Palmersville, and Ralston.

What city is in Weakley County TN?

Weakley County/Cities

What is Gleason TN ZIP code?

Gleason/Zip codes

What county is Gleason TN in?


What cities are in Wilson County TN?

Mt. JulietWatertownGreen HillRural Hill
Wilson County/Cities

Is Gleason TN a good place to live?

If you’re looking for a quiet place to live with little crime this is the place for you. The education isn’t all that good because you know, Weakley County Schools. The sense of safety is felt throughout the town. There is no area in the town that could be considered as any worse for crime than others.

Is Mt Juliet TN a good place to live?

Mt. Juliet, Tennessee has been named the 22nd best place to live in the United States in Money’s annual “Best Places to Live” ranking. With a location near Nashville providing plenty of jobs, rapidly rising employment rates, and the upcoming Amazon distribution center, Mt.