Where is normal dot in Windows 7?

Typical locations for the normal. dot(m) are as follows: Windows 7, and Windows 8 – “C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates.”

Where is normal dot in Word?

On the File tab, click Open. Go to C:\Usersser name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates. Open the Normal template (Normal. dotm).

Where is my normal Dotm template?

In Word, go to FIle>Options>Advanced>General>File Locations and then select User Templates and click on Modify to see the full path to the Templates folder. It is in the folder shown at that location that you should find the Normal. dotm template.

What is a normal dot file?

dot (endearingly referred to as Normal Dot Dot) is the default or global template that Word uses to create a blank document. Normal. dot is always in use when Word is open, even if you are using another template.

What is a .dot file in Word?

Files with . DOT extension are template files created by Microsoft Word to have pre-formatted settings for generation of further DOC or DOCX files. A template file is created in order to have specific user settings that should be applied to subsequent files created from these.

How do I get my cursor back to normal in Word?

Are you working on a Microsoft Word document and you’re stuck because the cursor has become a hand? It’s super-easy to fix. All you need to do is press the Esc key. That will switch the cursor back to the regular pointy selection cursor.

How do I restore the Normal template in Word?

To fix the Normal template, you must delete it (or rename it) and then Word automatically builds a new, proper Normal template. If you rebuild the Normal template, you’re removing any customizations you’ve added, macros you’ve created, or default settings you’ve modified.

What are the default settings for a normal template?

Change other default settings in the Normal template

  • On the File menu, click Open.
  • In the Open dialog box, browse to the folder that contains the Normal. dotm file.
  • Double-click Normal. dotm.
  • In the Normal template, make the changes that you want.
  • Save and close the Normal template. Tips:

When I press enter in Word it goes to the bottom of the page?

The problem is probably because of a setting in the layout of the page, as defined in your Normal template. Click the small icon at the bottom-right of the Page Setup group. Word displays the Page Setup dialog box. Make sure the Layout tab is displayed.

Why are my Word documents weird?

You need to turn on the view of white space between pages. You can also manage it by Word Options > Display and turn on the checkbox for “Show white space between pages in Print Layout view”. …

Where is the normal dot file on Windows 7?

The normal.dot file is actually the default Office Word template file. Since Windows Vista and ultimately Windows 7, the location changed. This is actually the same location whatever Microsoft Office version you are using. Be Sociable, Share!

Where do I find normal DOTM in word?

Open the Normal template. To be certain that you’re working in the default template, check to see that Normal.dotm appears in the Word title bar. Make any changes that you want to the fonts, margins, spacing, and other settings.

Where can I find the normal dot template?

On the File tab, click Open. Go to C:\\Users\\ user name \\AppData\\Roaming\\Microsoft\\Templates. Open the Normal template (Normal.dotm). Make any changes that you want to the fonts, margins, spacing, and other settings.