Where does Nat Young live now?

Fires burning many parts Australia’s East Coast have taken the home of four-time world champion Nat Young, The Inertia has learned. Young has owned a ranch an hour inland of Angourie, NSW near Nymboida since 1974 and raised three of his four children there.

What did Nat Young do?

From 1964 until 1966, Young was the Australian Open champion and won the Smirnoff World Pro Championships in 1970 in Hawaii. Young pioneered a whole new technique of surfing.

How did Nat Young Change surfing?

In 1966, he became World Champion. Young has tapped into nearly all strata of surfing: writing surf columns for newspapers, authoring books, modelling, appearing in documentaries and films (including both Endless Summer films), and shaping boards.

Who is the surfer in younger?

Matthew Passmore (born 24 December 1973) is an Australian actor.

Who is the Australian surfer in younger?

Kai Manning
After leaving us hanging at the end of season six, Younger is really making up for things by introducing some new eye candy into the mix by way of a surfer named Kai Manning.

Who plays the Aussie surfer in younger?

Jesse Spencer
Spencer in 2009
Born Jesse Gordon Spencer 12 February 1979 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Alma mater Scotch College
Occupation Actor musician

What is Nico Tortorella in?

Nico Tortorella (born July 30, 1988) is an American actor and model who is known for roles in films – including Scream 4, the Fox crime drama series The Following (2013–2015), and the TV Land comedy-drama series Younger (2015–2021).

Is Kai manning a surfer?

With her personal life on rocky ground, Liza focuses on work and a new book pitch by sexy surfer, Kai Manning.

Is Josh really the father of Claire’s baby?

Now as Empirical’s publisher, Kelsey takes notice of its financial crisis. After taking a paternity test, Josh learns that he is Clare’s baby’s father.

Are Josh’s tattoos real on Younger?

Nico Tortorella plays a tattoo artist on Younger, and he’s all inked up in real life, too. “I’m always getting new tattoos,” he told PEOPLE on Tuesday night at the Younger and Teachers premiere party at the NoMad Hotel in New York City.

Do Josh and Kelsey get together?

In season 4 premiere titled ‘Post Truth,’ Kelsey agrees to move into Josh’s apartment, and the two become roommates. After spending much of season 4 in a will they/won’t they situation, Josh and Kelsey keep things between them platonic and have remained good friends.

Who is the Australian guy in Younger?

Matt Passmore
Even more excitingly, Kai is Aussie and, rather than cast some American dreamboat who looks good but butchers our accent, he is played by some homegrown talent — Matt Passmore.